Ah Yes .. Let’s go back in time for a moment.

The below Post, one that I wrote back on October 22nd of 2016, pretty much tells-the-tale, says-it-all, about Windows 10 and, back then, over two years ago, how I felt about Windows 10.


Me, trying to work with Windows 10, was so bad that I even wanted to delete Windows 10 from my new Lenovo and upload Windows 7.

And the World Turns.

Back then, in October of 2016, all of my knowledgeable friends and confidants and computer Geeks said in unison :

Windows 10 is the future. Work with it. Learn it. All the new software now being written is for Windows 10.


I did just what they advised.

And The World Turns.

Now I am back here in Mongolia. Now I am using Windows 7 because that is what I have to use (I am using my friend Happy’s Dell Desktop).

Oh Sports Fans. Oh My.

I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I’D UTTER THESE WORDS BUT .. With regard to photo uploading and all photo tasks, Windows 10 smokes Windows 7.

But I don’t have a WiFi hook up so I say, with gratitude, Thank Goodness for Happy and his Dell Desktop and Windows 7.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Yesterday I wrote about a man-on-the-street.

Now I am going to write (briefly because I am crazy-busy now ) about The Elderly Lady on the Bus.

You can only get a bus so crowded. It was. We had to smash our way onto the bus with Peter standing on the bottom step. The doors closed and he was inside the bus. One of the huge, double-length, articulated-configuration buses.

In the front-most seat of the bus, in a single seat for only one person, sat a very frail looking, very elderly looking lady. She would-be-a-fit with Batjargal above.

She saw me. She worked her way tightly against the window and motioned for me to sit beside her. Two of us sharing a narrow seat-for-one person.


I took-her-up on her offer.

It truly was one of the bus-rides-from-hell. I truly was happy to be sitting. At one point it took us 10-minutes to move 20-feet.

I got off. I reached back and handed her a folded, 5,000 Tug note. This will buy her 10 rides on the bus.

She took the note. I was happy she did.

Then ..

She nearly broke-down with humble happiness. She tried, she gestured, to touch my feet.

“Good Work Little Captain.” /s/ God

“Yeah but .. God, aren’t we all supposed to be doing things like this? She was kind to me.”

“Look around you Captain.” /s/ God

To Feel Good .. Do Good ..

Jerry Berkley, Arkon, Ohio, October 1994,

King School A.A. Meeting .. Rest In Peace Jerry.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What do I DO all day.

One thing I DO .. I buy what I need for water.

I also manufacture safe boiled water and I stockpile it.

I also decant (pour liquids from one container into another) the water into smaller, more usable sized containers.

Smiling with Gratitude. Who am I going to meet today?


Thank You Patti .. My Dear One .. For proofing this and my other Posts.

You are welcome .. Three small changes and done!  Love, Patti (update .. sign out ..)


    1. cap chastain

      Thanks Gullible .. He does have a leash on his handle. You can see it in the first two photos of the October 25th Post that I show him. Now I need to attach his leash to me. He is one-fine-fellow BUT, from time-to-time, he and my feet get sort of entangled threatening me to fall. Smiles .. Cap

  1. Catherine Raye-Wong

    I concur with Gullible!
    Enjoying your adventure, and leaving Calistoga this morning for home. Spent a few working days here with some relaxation thrown in.
    Keep spreading good cheer!

    1. cap chastain

      How nice of you to be enjoying this great adventure Kit. I am putting a post card into the mail to you this morning. I hope it finds its way to you. Calistoga is a very special place for me. Thanks for following-along with us Kit .. Smiles .. Cap

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