“Cap? What do you DO all day?”

So asketh Petaluma Jerry one day several decades ago. Let’s say back in November of 1990.

One of my 6 self-proclaimed names is Bobba Caps. The below link is a Post about my 6 self-proclaimed names.


As I grew up in the late 1930s into the early 1940s I was aware of a series of books titled The Bobbsey Twins. The Bobbsey Twins books began in 1904. The last was published in 1979. There were 72 Bobbsey Twins books. What would we do without Google and Wikipedia?

Yes Oh Yes! Your Captain certainly knows that the Bobbsey Twins Books were read and loved by the little girls. What can I say? My inner child maybe acting out.

So calling myself Bobba, and because Bobba and the Bobbseys go-together, it struck me one day to use the name Bobbsey to generically describe each of the items that I carry with me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What do I DO with myself? NOT all day but parts of many days.

I write and mail post cards.

And to do this out come my Post Card Bobbseys.

Yes indeed, I have a real team of Post Card Bobbseys.

What do I do with the scissors?

My postage stamps come in relatively large sheets.

So as not to rip them or deface them as I tear them off into individual stamps ..

I snip snip snip the ends of the serrated columns so they tear cleanly and nicely.

And the measuring cup?

I do not lick the stamps. Instead I have a wet, well soaked, washcloth and tweezers that I use to press the stamps onto to ‘lick’ them. I use the measuring cup with water to keep the wash cloth well moistened.

At the upper left in the below photo you can see a blue pouch.

I use the metal ruler, above photo, lower right, to keep my writing lines straight. Back to the small, blue, pouch.

This Bobbsey holds a slew of Writing Bobbseys and other necessary items I use.


Why Oh Why is it so difficult to CHANGE.

I need a cane. I did not bring a cane with me. I should have. I didn’t.

So I set out the other day here in Ulaanbaatar to buy a cane.

To me a cane is a very simple, straight forward walking aid. You know. MY idea of a cane is that it has a handle affixed to a long tube with a rubber tip at the bottom.

I am close, very close, to a major hospital here with several medical supply stores in its vicinity.

Not a one of them .. Not the hospital, not one of the medical supply stores had MY IDEA OF A CANE.

“Captain Oh Captain. You must not take a fall Captain. Captain you MUST have a cane. The entire visit to Irkutsk depends upon you not falling and suffering an injury!”

“CAPTAIN! JUST PURCHASE THEIR MONGOLIAN IDEA OF A CANE CAPTAIN! And do it now, do not wait one minute longer!”

Taa – Daa .. My brand new Mongolian Cane.

“Hi Dad. You are going to learn to love me! And you will learn to love me in about ten minutes or less Captain.”

“Bbbbbbut your FOUR feet are ungainly. I am not used to a cane with four feet like you have Mister Mongolian Cane.”

He was correct. I am not positive I can go back-in-time to the old fashioned, out-dated, canes I am used to.

When I stop to take a photo, I just let go of him! He oh-so-patiently stands right beside me waiting to again assist me.

Yes-Oh-Yes! A time-or-two I have walked off leaving him standing there wondering IF I am coming back for him.

My life has come down to this. Keeping vertical and not falling down so I can do some of God’s Work.

“Whatcha think of the cane I got for you Captain?” /s/ God

“He is right here beside me holding a wet wash cloth to dry. He has quite a few other uses God.”

Over And Out for now.

A very grateful Cap ..

You would not believe how busy my days are. Airline tickets. Train tickets. Hosting a man-of-the-street for lunch at KFC.

When we walked into the restaurant, I put my arm around him and firmly told the attendant at the door ..

“This IS my friend! HE IS coming in to join me for lunch! His name is Batjargal.”

He walks slowly because he was born with badly deformed feet and no toes. He does not drink. He lives in a small room by himself. I hope maybe I will see him again out-on-the-street here. Yep, I slipped him a little friendly-cash as well. When he ordered what he wanted to eat, looking-at-me, he ordered lunch for two. What did I ever do God to be so lucky?

It was a sloppy day, all-in-all.

Dinner with Deegi and Cindy ..

“God? You up there, down here, around here?”


“Thank You Oh God Of Abraham for all of my many blessings!”

“Not bad how you handled the handicapped man My Little Captain.”


4 thoughts on “OCT 25, 18 .. MY POST CARD BOBBSEYS and a CANE

  1. Patti Boone

    Great that you got a cane! Great that it has feet so that you can set it down and it stands by itself while you take pictures, pay for something, etc. Not so great that you can easily then walk off and leave him .. maybe a cord to attach him to you while you are out? Nice that you had a lunch companion! And, it is so wonderful to see pictures of our two ladies in red, Deegi and Cindy .. beautiful ladies! Happy hugs, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Thank You So Much for your comment. I could write MUCH MORE about my lunch companion. Perhaps I shall. Fun dinner with Deegi and Cindy at our favorite restaurant. My cane DOES have a cord on his handle. You can see it in the first two photos of him. I just now need to get a second cord to attach his cord him to me. Ah Yes! Life is a learning opportunity. Smiles and Hugs .. and Love .. Cap

  2. zilla

    Friday, October 26, 2018 – 1:30 pm
    Hi Cap,
    A super “helping hand” that you provided the gentleman in your travels and a nice meal! I surely can imagine he really appreciated your treat for him! Very, very nice indeed! As always I enjoy your stories as you make your way along in the countries you are visiting! Since you will be travelling in Russia I would be interested in “how cold is it there”? Have fun and enjoy your travels! I have hockey game tonight – as we say – wish you were here!

    1. cap chastain

      ‘Zilla Ol Buddy .. I’d say I wish I was there too .. BUT .. I am so happy to be here in Mongolia and, hopefully, Russian Siberia, this upcoming Monday. I’ll let you know about the cold in Irkutsk BUT I expect we have colder weather in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska, based on the geography. Go Ontario Reign Ice Hockey Team.

      It was nice (To Feel Good .. Do Good) to assist the gentleman I wrote about. I may write more about it. Smiles to you and to Kleiner Bar .. Cap

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