This is a very memorable day for the United States of America, etched deeply in our history. On this day in 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and we actively entered World War II. We shall forever remember our citizens and military personnel who perished in that attack, and those who rose to our defense during that war to protect our country and our freedoms. Cap choked up talking about this day when we spoke on the phone just minutes ago.

In Cap’s present day in Siberia, this is a Risedronate day, his monthly medication for his male osteoporosis. Upon taking this medication, he needs to be upright and no food before or for two hours after. Generally each month he takes long walks to keep himself occupied. In Kyzyl, Siberia, at -21F, he is still following his two hour walk plan. Mike is with him for support. They did duck into an ATM to get warm, and then walked on to a cafe in the area. Cap cannot eat anything, but he is taking pictures, and, again, warming up. I checked online and it is supposed to warm up to -10F as the day goes on.

Later Cap and Mike will be meeting with the young man who is President of the active group formed in the area to formally address the problem of alcoholism in the Kyzyl area. He will then take Cap and Mike to the local bus station to purchase bus tickets to Abakan where they hope to go on Wednesday. Click on TRAVEL at the top of this page if you want to refresh yourself on where Abakan is.

After the bus tickets, Cap and Mike plan to go to the library to once again attempt to get online. Cap is my perpetual optimist! If nothing else, he may be able to leave a comment here on this post as he did previously, so be attentive if there are comments .. it may be from Cap himself. Afer that there is nothing definite on the schedule. Perhaps it will be a day to get some rest and recharge, or, who knows what may turn up. We leave you with the resting image …

Smiles, Patti, substituting for Cap


2 thoughts on “DEC 7, 18 . . ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE OF CAP

  1. admin_andrej

    You have been a fine narrator of Cap’s adventures during his absence. We are happy your filling in for him.
    Hope things are getting closer to normal in Anchorage.

    1. cap chastain

      Thanks So Very Much Andrej for all of YOUR SUPPORT during the earthquake crisis in Anchorage. Your help was invaluable beyond measure. After shocks continue in Anchorage and it is very unsettling to Patti.

      Smiles Pard .. Cap

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