Today I had two things on-my-plate.

1. I wanted to take a nice, long walk of several hours around my general neighborhood here in Abakan. I did so and have published a Post about it over on blogspot.

2. I was scheduled to give another talk this evening at the same cafe where I spoke for two hours last night.

Mike and I also accomplished this.

Going-in I told Mike ..

“Mike. We can’t do another two hour meeting tonight!”

“I agree with you Cap!”

So we didn’t go for two hours.

We went for two hours and twenty five minutes instead. All but four were at the meeting last night. When I started my talk, I asked anyone who was not here last night to raise their hands. This is germane because all but these four had a full 24-hours to think of questions they didn’t ask last night. As I stood to begin my talk, several hands shot-up to ask questions!

I have, on my hands here, a large group of people in / and seeking recovery who can’t stop asking one excellent question after another. I finish answering one question and four or five other hands shoot-up in the air. I mean, they practically arise from their chair as they raise their hands with so much energy.

A lot of questions are coming from the senior members of the fellowship here. There is no way that I am not going to answer their questions in great and explicit detail to the best of my ability.

Bottom Line : Senior Member / Newcomer / Everyone in between .. I am going to give all of them my very best.

Last night we got to the meeting pretty much as it was beginning. Tonight we were earlier and saw the pre-meeting socializing.

In the next three photos below, the largest man in the room is Alex, our point man here in Abakan.

When a group anywhere in the world begins a meeting with the reverent and somber lighting of a candle at the front table, you know you have a strong and serious group.

Munch .. Munch .. Munch .. Here in the Russian Siberian Fellowship we have a lot of Munchers.

By day, this room is the main dining room in a cafe. I hope to shout I hope to get here during the day and eat a meal.

As it was last night, the party’s over.

Several special new friends.

The above chap’s wife sat at the front table with Mike and myself and led the meeting.

I began my talk :

“Many of us hate change and at the same time many of us don’t like things the way they are. Last night Alex was up here with Mike and me. I expected Alex to be up here tonight. Change can be good. Tonight I have a beautiful young lady up here beside me!”

I put her to work reading the Russian language passages in the Blue Book that I have underlined. Mike is severely visually handicapped and this gave him a real break.




Tomorrow Mike and I are being driven 120-kilometers North from Abakan to see Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam (Sayanogorsk) the largest dam in all of Russia with its equally enormous hydroelectric generating facility. In the map above, the small red balloons  point to the reservoir behind the dam and to Abakan. I don’t know at which end of the reservoir the dam is located. I think the dam is located at the North end. I’ve been told that all rivers in Russian Siberia flow to the North.


I need to get to bed and get some sleep so I am in good shape for tomorrow’s big event.

Signing Off ..


Patti YOU were correct. The tour is tomorrow. I thought it was Thursday. Well tomorrow IS Thursday and I was thinking that today was Tuesday.


  1. Patti Boone

    I love the idea of starting a meeting by lighting a candle. I love candles anyway, but having one lit on the front table as the meeting begins really sets a nice tone. You are getting great, and many, questions. I venture to say, they are getting great and thorough answers. Nice that the pretty young lady was able to give Mike a break by reading the passages you were selecting. “Special new friends …” in Siberia no less! How sweet it is … Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      You are absolutely correct about a burning candle setting a tone for a meeting. Then, before they begin the meeting format, they take a very long moment of silence. When I have finished answering a question, I ask them IF I have answered their question. So far I have not yet been stumped by a question. I have on occasion (when I sense some hesitation on their part) gone further with my answer when I feel they are not 100% satisfied. As you would guess, the topic of one’s Higher Power comes up often. No question about my having new friends here in Russian Siberia. Mike needs all the assistance I can get him and having the secretary (or someone in the group) do some reading helps him a lot. Much Love .. Cap

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