Today we were invited to attend a noontime meeting here in Irkutsk. This was Patti’s very first ‘meeting with friends’ both here in Irkutsk as well as here in the Russian Federation.

When we arrived at the meeting location, I thought that we were merely stopping at the home of someone who was going to accompany us / ride in the car with us, and then proceed on to the meeting.

When the car was parked, the two friends with us exited the car; so too did Patti and I. Up the stairs and into this enormous home we four walked. We were escorted into a comfortable room and proceeded to meet with a friend of the two friends who drove us to this home.

After visiting for awhile, we five all went upstairs into another large room where several others were gathered in a small circle of chairs.

Welcome Patti to your first meeting here in Irkutsk as well as in the Russian Federation.

It was a small meeting and, after the meeting introductory readings were concluded, I was asked to speak. After I finished speaking (about 45-minutes) Patti and I answered questions. It was so nice to have Patti with me because the ladies in the meeting addressed their questions / concerns directly to Patti.

Several, but not all of our friends who attended the meeting.

“Cap?” ..

“Yes Patti?” ..

“You did forget one that we have a photo of!”

It was a great, very low-key and relaxed meeting. After the meeting we all ate a hearty lunch.

It was an absolutely perfect beginning / introduction to meetings here in Irkutsk and Russia for Patti.

Much Joy In Recovery!

Patti and Cap

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