From day-to-day, I ‘idly’ wonder to myself : “What am I going to post tomorrow here on dot.net.” ..

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll just take-a-day-off.”

“Take-a-day-off Captain? GR8 idea Captain! Give your poor-long-suffering-followers / readers a break from your nonsense here!”

/sign us / Your Mind

“AH-h-h shut up Mind!” .. “This I KNOW : Some of my friends like to read my mind-wanderings here to take-a-break from THEIR minds!”

During the time I was here alone and Patti was in Anchorage, I used to ponder the things that I’d like to be doing with Patti were she here with me. Taking walks. Going to meetings together. Riding the trams / Riding the buses. Eating out together. Visiting places here that I particularly enjoy visiting. Reading to one another. These are but a few. Just doing life together here in Irkutsk Russian Siberia.

Today we took our first ride on an Irkutsk Tram / Streetcar. There will be many many more rides on the tram and the buses because these are our primary means of getting-around-Irkutsk to shop and explore the city.

Here comes ‘Patti’s first tram’ to take a ride upon.

“Hot Dog! This is one of my favorite trams in Irktusk.” I snapped the below photo of it’s brother last November.

The instant we boarded the tram, several young (probably high school students) girls got up and gave us their seats. I sat behind Patti so I could point out various landmarks of mine.

Yes-Oh-Yes. Here! There! Everywhere! People are living their lives talking on their phones.

Just a few photos of the City of Irkutsk Russian Siberia as viewed from the route number 1 Tram.

Below is a photo of an older building that has (somehow) survived intact from its peers who were demolished to build the modern buildings.

Here! There! Everywhere! Here in Irkusk! Here in all of Russia! Apartment buildings.

Another Irkutsk ‘senior citizen’ older building.

Do all of you see the young man (extreme lower left corner in the photo above) scratching his head thinking to himself : “Why on this good earth is he taking a picture of this old building?”

Time to call it a wrap and sign off. We hope you all enjoyed our tram ride together here in Irkutsk.

Hugs from Patti. Smiles from Cap.

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