One of these days, that day isn’t here quite yet, but one of these days I may say : Enough.

The entire air flight thing is getting to be a downright bore. Just getting ready to go. That is a bore anymore. Getting to the Airport. Then Security and maybe Immigration. Waiting in the airport to begin the process. Waiting in the boarding area. Boarding. Listening to the same announcements. The flight. The meal (IF one is served). The toilet thing, in and of itself, can be, and often IS, a series of challenges. Getting off the aircraft. Here so far there are no jetways. Au contraire. We exit the aircraft onto a movable metal stairway. Then onto a bus. Then the ride to the Terminal. Finding and picking up one’s baggage. Getting out of the Terminal and to where you are going.

Surely I’ve forgotten things.

Well, at least for today, I am not quite ready to stop what I am doing.

So in a few hours Patti and I will do the deal.

Yakusk Russian Siberia (upper right red balloon ) to Irkutsk Russian Siberia (lower left red balloon ).



Before we came here to Yakutsk, I wanted to stay several weeks. That has not changed. I wish we were staying, as a minimum, another full week. But for some very practical and very good reasons, we are not staying. We are totally without the ability to fend-for-ourselves. For openers I have no idea of how to call for and negotiate a taxi. I can speak NO Russian. I don’t even know our street addresses. So we will return with Sergey. Let me assure you all, negotiating an airport requires the knowledge of the local language. Where is our check in counter? Where do we go to find Security .. and on and on and on. You all get the idea.

I will close with this : I am not yet ready to set it all aside.

Still Smiling Cap and sending Hugs Patti ..


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