Patti and I are safely ‘back home’ in Irkutsk Russian Siberia.

While still in Yakustk I wrote the previous 1st Post :

The entire air flight thing is getting to be a downright bore. Just getting ready to go. That is a bore anymore. Getting to the Airport. Then Security and maybe Immigration. Waiting in the airport to begin the process. Waiting in the boarding area. Boarding. Listening to the same announcements. The flight. The meal (IF one is served). The toilet thing, in and of itself, can be, and often IS, a series of challenges. Getting off the aircraft. Here so far there are no jetways. Au contraire. We exit the aircraft onto a movable metal stairway. Then onto a bus. Then the ride to the Terminal. Finding and picking up one’s baggage. Getting out of the Terminal and to where you are going.

Surely I’ve forgotten things.

I will now repeat the above line : Surely I’ve forgotten things.

Now I will emphasize the above line :

Surely I’ve forgotten things.

Truer words were never spoken by yours truly.

I forgot the absolute nightmare getting back home can be and OFTEN IS.

One can be / actually is exhausted from the pre-trip / actual trip / arrival into the home / destination airport.

Then into your ‘home’ you arrive.


I promised Patti : This time I will NOT create my usual mess at home.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sports Fans everywhere ..

A mess is guaranteed when you are coming home to close / small quarters.

Everything you need is buried in a suitcase. You know, like toothbrushes, and on and on and on.

So everything has to come jumping out of your suitcase.

And ?

A mess happens.

And ?

It is (for yours truly) a two hour (or more) process.

Bathing / freshening up, washing some items, cutting my hair, and on and on and on.



Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “MAR 28, 19 .. 2nd Post .. TRAVEL DAY .. YAKUTSK BACK TO IRKUTSK

  1. Tom

    Glad you are back at your base. Travel is tough – no two ways about it. Just checking in every thing fine in NV. Hello to all Friends of Bill in Siberia. Official start of Spring – Detroit Tigers opened today at Toronto – won a thriller 2-0 in 10 innings. U-Mich upset and knocked out of NCAA Tourney tonight by Texas Tech.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Tom, happy you, another road-warrior, agree travel is / can be difficult. Happy all is well and all is swell in Nevada. Can you believe another baseball season has begun. The long LONG road to the playoffs at the end of the season is underway. Happy the Tigers won to start the 2019 season up in Toronto. Are you involved in March Madness? Are you participating? Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti to you and to Ginny.

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