Patti and I successfully completed yet another trip. This time enjoying a Trans Siberia Train trip from Irkutsk, to Chita, both in Russian Siberia.



We had some fantastic assistance from our Irkutsk host Sergey and Gena, a friend of his, who picked us up at our Irkutsk flat, drove us to the Irkutsk Railway Station, carried our bags into the station, waited with us for our boarding call, carried our bags out to and onto the train settling them for us in our cabin. At our ages you can well imagine our gratitude to Sergey and Gena. There are stairs to go down and more stairs to walk up to get to the train boarding platforms.

Our train left Irkutsk precisely on time at 0857 hours (8:57am) Tuesday the 14th of May. We arrived (late by 45-minutes very rare for a Russian train ) into Chita at 0500 hours (5am) losing one hour en route do to entering a new (East of Irkutsk) time zone. 0500 hours Chita time is 0400 hours Irkutsk time.

Our weather en route Tuesday was mostly a falling snow with wind. It IS the month of May!

Finally, in the very late afternoon, the sun broke through and we finished the trip in clear weather.

In Chita, three more friends, Olga, Sergey and Sergey, met us at our train coach, helped us with our bags, drove us to our flat, carried our bags from Sergey’s van up to and into our flat, set up the Wi-Fi for me, had 20-liters of bottled water waiting for us (thanks to Julya), opened up our hide-a-beds for us, and ETC, made phone calls to the owner of the flat ETC.

As for Chita photos, I am basically dead-tired so I will only post the below four Chita photos of our ‘view’ from our 15th floor flat here in Chita.

The photos ‘pan to the right’.

Well That Is That from ..

Patti (sleeping) ..

and Cap (about to crash myself)


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Oh yes, yes indeed, we got some first class service didn’t we! Thanks for your interest and taking the time to comment. Patti and Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You so much Tom for consistently keeping up with us. We really appreciate it. Fun and relaxing ?? Satisfying and rewarding is more like it Tom. Our pace borders on being hectic. Smiles from Chita Russian Siberia.

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