Keep in mind, as you read this Post dated MAY 15th, as I write about May the 15th, it is Thursday morning, May the the 16th.

Patti and I arrived here in Chita, Russian Siberia, at about 0500 hours (5am) this morning, the morning of Tuesday the 15th of May. It was about 0630 hours (6:30am) before we were settled-in enough (our sofa hide-a-beds were opened and bedding gathered up to use) for Patti to lie down and sleep. I was then up for a few hours putting together the MAY 14-15 Post which I then published. Then I too crashed.

We left Irkutsk yesterday, Tuesday morning the 14th.

For some odd reason, I (totally and 100% incorrectly ) had it in my mind we were arriving on Tuesday.

Wrong Captain. We arrived on Wednesday the 15th this morning.

I had previously agreed that Patti and I would attend a meeting on Wednesday night. Me thinking we were arriving on Tuesday meant that, in my mind, we had a night to sleep (Tuesday night) and all day to relax before a Wednesday evening meeting.

Had I been of sound mind, I would NOT have agreed to be attending a meeting the night of the day we arrived very exhausted from the trip itself plus all of the pre-trip preparations.

We do NOT just attend a meeting. We ARE the meeting. The meeting room, in a local Roman Catholic Church, was packed full with no empty chairs and everyone waiting to hear us speak. Forty or so people. As we sort of staggered out of our flat I told Patti, “As tired as I am, once I stand up and begin, neither you nor anyone at the meeting will realize how tired out I am.”

En route to the meeting we had to pay our landlord our rent. Then we had to shop for groceries. Then we went to the meeting.

I did the first hour or so. Then the meeting secretary asked Patti to speak. Looking at her (the meeting chair) I gave her two thumbs up and a loud Spasiba (Russian for Thank You) indicating I was ready to rest. We got home, ate and crashed yet again.

Our view from our 15th (top) floor flat.

Panning right.

For a look at our train trip, please go to blogspot.

Still on our feet and still smiling.

Patti and Cap

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