We have encountered some rain here in Chita. Rain, and I must add, some snow thrown in for good measure. With the temperature in the high 30’s, and rain to make the air very moist, couple that with a good wind, and you really have the feeling that winter is still here.

I want to show a few photos of the exterior of our building. I think that it is an attractive building.

Below are photos of the other side (‘Our’ side) of our building. Our flat is on the top floor, on the left side below, aka the penthouse.

Patti held my blaze yellow jacket in our window.

Detroit Tiger Tom left us a comment hoping that we are having fun and relaxing. I replied that satisfying and rewarding is more like it. Our pace borders on being hectic.

Today we attended a meeting with Olga our translator and then we three saw a few local attractions.

The below WWII vintage, Russian T-34 tank, was just a few steps from the location of our meeting.

Then we visited an incredible Museum of Local Lore.

You can see it is wet and rainy.

The museum is on several floors.

Below is a map of the Russian ‘state’ (Zabaykalsky Krai) that we are in and where the historical events in the museum took place.

History here goes back centuries.

Whew. A busy morning. Then a meeting. Visiting some local attractions.

“Patti and Olga, are you hungry?”

“How about a bite-to-eat”?

Chicken Caesar Salad for Patti. Greek Salad for Olga. Craft Burger for me.

Smiles and still standing ..

Patti and Cap

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