A quiet Sunday here in Chita for the two of us. On the mountains in the distance fresh snow fell overnight. Then some rain and warming temperatures made the snow retreat and disappear by late afternoon. Speaking of late afternoon, here are three late-afternoon photos snapped from our balcony.

While Patti rested and relaxed at our flat, I went out to visit several local attractions I have been meaning to see.

The World War II Monument in Chita.

The next photo below gives some idea of the enormous size of the grounds behind the building.

Lenin Square.

Ah-h-h yes! Our lives here in Chita are really complete!


I snapped the above photos when Patti and I enjoyed the company of two Chita friends here at Subway. Our sandwiches were as good as they get.


That’s All for Today.

Patti and Cap

2 thoughts on “MAY 19, 19 .. CHITA (ЧИТА), RUSSIAN SIBERIA.

  1. Greg De Young.

    Dear Friends, Those sandwiches look pretty good. Well, you two are still going strong. Meetings, great people, T-34s to tool around in, what more do you want? Looking forward to picking up Patti July 18. Can’t wait to get the details of your adventures. May 28 I’ll be in the hospital for a heart procedure. One night then home. My first time in a hospital since 1964. The year Patti rode out the big one. All for now, Greg

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Greg for a great comment. The first comment we’ve had in some time. Fun ‘tooling around in Russian T-34s’ Greg. We will be praying for you that your heart procedure on May 28th will be satisfactory. Your first time in a hospital in Fifty Five (55) years (1964 to 2019) is amazing. Yes indeed, Good Friday March 1964 the Big One hit Anchorage. Good On Ya Pard .. Cap and Patti

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