Monday, May the 20th dawned early for Patti and me. We had to be at an 11am morning gathering of young Russian high school students (who are studying English) to answer their questions as English speaking representatives of the United States.

When I was a youngster, we are talking the early 1940’s, we used to have birthday parties. The great fear of any child or their parents was that no one would come to their birthday party.

The room was rented. The predictions were perhaps one hundred students would show up for the event.

Patti and I were wondering ourselves as to where they were?

Our local host, Olga, who put this event together, was totally unfazed about the above scenes.

You see, the above photos were snapped by your Captain, ah-h-h, quite early. Above you see the hyper-super-active achievers who almost beat us into the room.

Show Time.


Lights. Camera. Action.

It was a deal-of-a-lifetime for Patti and for myself.

Then this evening we did a meeting in a hospital with patients. It was heavy.

Time she waits for no one. We are now out and off again.

Patti and Cap

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