And I really, and I truly, mean what I just wrote in the above title.

I am NOT being trite nor am I being sarcastic when I say : THANK YOU GULLIBLE FOR YOUR COMMENT.

And here I just promised all of you (in my Post of June 11th : This is IT for now. No more talk of this nonsense. ) that I was going to DROP THIS ISSUE and get on with the getting on.

Let’s begin with a short discussion of..

God’s Will :

One school-of-philosophical/theistic thought is this : God’s will for us, is for us, with Roman Catholic discernment, to do what is in front of us to do and then to turn the results over to God.

Look very carefully (using discernment) at what is in front of you to do, and if it passes-muster, DO IT.

In front of me, I have the decision of whether or not to reply to  Gullible’s comment.

It looks to me (after discernment) like it could be a good thing for me to reply to Gullible.

In the Book of John, Chapter 15, Verse 13, the King James Version states : “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta had a priest, Jesuit Father Lawrence Abello, with whom I had the great honor and privilege to get-to-know. Father Abello once counseled me that Jesus’ words meant : The Death of Ego. You don’t die physically for your friends. You Die Of Ego by giving up your own life in service and in help to others. Kill your selfish ego! Not yourself. Get busy helping others and forget your own problems and issues.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH GULLIBLE for your comment because, obviously, you do care about me.

Gullible wrote in a comment :

Cap, Robin Williams had some problems such as addiction, but his decision to leave this world had more to do with a recent medical diagnosis than his demons. He had Lewy-Body dementia, akin to Alzheimer’s, but with a shorter (still fatal) span and with lots of hallucinations. It is a disease I became very familiar with some years past. Had I received his diagnosis, I would do likewise.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Robin Williams decision to leave this world had to do with Robin William’s BRAIN. In some of his last discussions he told friends : “I wish I could re-boot my BRAIN.” Suicide is a function of a mal-functioning BRAIN. A normal person, with a normal BRAIN, facing such facts might say : “I will go to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal and it is acceptable after thorough and professional medical examination and consultation. You say all of your goodbyes to all people. A needle is painlessly put into you, or the I.V. already in you is then medicated, and absolutely and totally painlessly you kiss-it-off.” A sick mal-functioning BRAIN says : “Let’s get a belt and hang our self over the door.” Then does it.

Many times I have written of the serious mental illness in my immediate family. My mother had a twin sister, My Auntie Bea. Back in the 1930’s / 1940’s my Auntie Bea spent several decades of her life in the London, Ontario, Canada, mental hospital. Electro-shock treatments. A frontal lobotomy of her brain.


In short, Auntie Bea had real mental illness. Auntie Bea had three children. Doug. Joan. Clive. Doug committed suicide via alcoholism. Joanie overdosed on drugs at age 54 having four children and being ( happily ?? or so everyone thought ) married to a very prominent lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Clive put a (loaded) gun into his mouth at age 40 and pulled the trigger. The gun’s safety was NOT on.

My mother herself ( one brilliant women who graduated from the University of Michigan in the late 1920 with a major in mathematics and minor in physics and who then spent 3 more years becoming a Registered Nurse ) suffered from depression. I saw it as I grew older and more experienced in life.

Luckily I had a different father than my first cousins. So 50% of my DNA totally differs from theirs.

So Gullible, do I too (like Robin Williams) have BRAIN issues? Do I have some heredity pre-disposing me to suicide? I sure wonder because they (Suicidal thoughts) seem to ride on my shoulder quite calmly and quite persistently.

So the battle that goes on within my BRAIN is why I take it seriously when I feel myself slipping into / or I think that I have actually slipped into, a dark mood.

What to do? Get good rest / sleep. Eat well. Drink healthy liquids. Help others so I get out of my own head. STOP looking at any and at all news via any medium. The news just upsets me and I don’t want to get upset.

Just the writing of this Post helps me. I am NOT following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Ice Hockey Finals under way right now, stressing myself out over something I am totally powerless over. How in the world could the St. Louis Blues lose a game 6 in St. Louis by a score of 5 to 1 to the Boston Bruins when the Stanley Cup was theirs for the taking?


Is this IT for now? Am I now going to keep getting out and getting on with life?

Oh My

Oh My

Patti and I went for a nice long walk last night. As I was going-through my photos that I snapped of our Baikal Seal Sculpture, I came across the below photo :

Do any of you see The Sign Of The Cross in the above photo? Excuse me while I weep a little.

Thank You Oh God of Abraham Our Father. Thank You Jesus of Nazareth The Son of God. Thank You Holy Spirit.



I wish all of you could have heard the music we heard last night.


The Time Has Come To Say..

Thank You God ..

Over And Out For Now.


7 thoughts on “JUN 13, 19 .. THANK YOU GULLIBLE FOR YOUR COMMENT..

  1. admin_andrej

    That shadow a coincidence? Ha! … I don’t think so.
    Those trying to take the road less traveled know better.
    It’s Gods way of saying .. I know .. I hear you .. I got this!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I was stunned Andrej, I mean I was knocked-off-my-square when I looked closely at the photo of the Cross that was located in the dead center on the Seal. I mean I really began to weep a little it so moved me. Thanks so much for your comment. Cap

  2. zilla

    Thursday, Jun 13, 2019 – 10:00 am
    Hi Cap,
    Well I’m sorry you missed the Stanley Cup playoffs as they were enjoyable to watch! I really didn’t have any favorite but I did lean towards the Blues winning since they hadn’t won/played for the Cup for many years (I can’t remeber the years but a long time)! In any event I enjoyed the games!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Look at you ‘Zilla. Another welcome comment that you are able to post here. Great. ‘Zilla I am happy that I did NOT get involved in the intensity of the Stanley Cup and in the NBA playoffs. I DID have favorites and one DID win. The St. Louis Blues. First and only Stanley Cup in (is it) 52 years. Great to get your comment. Cap

  3. Gullible

    “No one in this world cares one-whit for you, no one is reading this trash your write, or looking at the thousands of photos you Post, so KILL yourself Committee.”

    Do I detect a bit of ego in that statement?

    I, too, get a little discouraged at the few comments I get on my blog. Then, I have to sit myself down and ask why I continue to bother. Who am I doing it for?

    Well, for myself. If others enjoy the blog, well great! If they choose not to indulge? Their loss.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks for your comment Gullible. To not keep-up-with-YOUR blog would be a LOSS. Smiles from me and Hugs from Patti.

    2. Cap Chastain Post author

      A second thank you for your comment Gullible. I have deleted the paragraph you refer to from the Post because it was inaccurate. The BRAIN issue, depression, NOT whether someone reads and comments on my Posts is the issue. I failed to point this out : My mother’s side of my genetics come from Ireland. She was (her maiden name) a Casey, descended from the Emerald Isle. To the best of my knowledge, and this is not some self-fulfilling prophecy, the Irish are known for their melancholy / their depressive tendencies.

      Patti had a great observation : People say : “How can you be depressed when it is such a beautiful day outside?” Those truly depressed have their curtains over their windows or are in their dark closet.

      I do remain firm in this belief : Only those who have actually experienced serious, long term, clinical depression understand how dark it is.

      Over and Out .. Cap

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