I have published two writings about Hoarding and Hoarders.

One (see the below link) of these two articles was written on August 18, 18, and it was titled: WELL ONE NEVER KNOWS.


Recently, 100% completely out-of-the-blue, I received a request from a reader who (evidently, somehow stumbled onto our website here) read the above August 18, 18 Post. She e-mailed me asking me if I would include the below link into that (now almost one year old) Post. Andrej checked-her-out and said fine, go ahead, so I did as she asked and decided to publish this Post as well ..


It really and it truly is one educated writing about Hoarding and Hoarders.

Well, I for one never know who is reading along with us here.

Happy to pass it along.


While I am at it here, some of you who have not already read it, may be interested in the below Post about The Sober Curious.


We NEVER Know .. Especially when we are in a foreign country.

Yesterday, Patti and I were walking in one of our favorite shopping malls after having gotten a dish (or two) of soft-serve ice cream. To our left, as we approached the counter of the fast food outlet where we had just gotten our ice cream, was an extremely fit and trim and exuberant looking young lady. I said (quietly I thought) to Patti : “Doesn’t she look fit and trim!”

The young lady turned our way and said, “Thank You!”

Patti asked, “You speak English?”

The young lady said slowly, “Yyyyeeeeesssss.”

Smiles are where you find them. Patti and I both smiled.

Yesterday we did a short Post about ‘Patti’s little park’ here in Irkutsk and showed you three photos of the park. Yesterday we then went to her park together and spent some time getting to know it a little better than just seeing it from the window of a Tram / Streetcar. Here are more photos taken in ‘Patti’s little park’.

How nice is this!

One Last Time ..

Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti

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