Below are several links for any of you who may be interested in what’s going on here :

Oh Yes! Yes Indeed! The smoke haze is a real presence here in Irkutsk. At times, especially in the evening, I can barely see the other side of the Angara River due to the smoky haze from the wildfires.

We shall see what we shall see.


A little ‘chit chat’ with Patti :

My Dear One, YOU may be in Alaska but you are still here. So far, not one time, have I failed to completely close the refrigerator door with my foot. I can ‘hear-your-voice’ saying : “Cap. Completely close the door to the refrigerator.” Smiling along with you. Cap


2 thoughts on “AUG 1, 19 .. WILDFIRES IN RUSSIAN SIBERIA ..

  1. Patricia Boone

    Gosh, one of the articles said there are more than 500 fires. Russia/Siberia is just right in there with this being likely a direct result of global warming .. dry ground surfaces .. little rain. However, I also noted in a couple of the articles, there was also an article to click on to that said Moscow has had a colder July than is usual. Go figure. Be careful of being out in that smoke my dear one. Hugs, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You are correct. Being out in the smoke is not a good idea. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Yes I also saw the article about Moscow being in a cold spell for this month. The smoke is also a concern for the Moscow area as well. Whodda Thunk forest fires in Russian Siberia. We then to think only of the ones in the U.S. don’t we? In the final analysis we are all on Planet Earth. Love Cap

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