SEP 9, 11 (2/3) .. NEW DELHI

AH MY BOBBSEYS.. without my team I could not make it here..

Yesterday I wrote of NOT being able to see after my nap because of the film of scum on my eye glasses because I washed and let my glasses drain-dry with local tap water.. then as I wrote.. I again re-washed them with bottled water and rinsed them with bottled water and they and I .. it is tough to see when seeing through a fog.. were fine..

ENTER  a small but critical Bobbsey.. the product “Dawn Dish Washing Liquid”.. I came over here with a small bottle of ‘Dawn’.. and I ‘dole it out’ one-drop-at-a-time on a special tooth brush (Bobbsey) to wash my eye glasses.. ONE-drop-at-a-time.. this stuff is critical to me..

LORD GOD OF ABRAHAM this morning (which is Friday the 9th) I admit that I had a slight ‘fit of rage’ at some of  YOUR CREATIONS.. the sons of bitches that call themselves the Airport Federal Homeland Security People.. these bastards ALWAYS GET INTO MY BAGGAGE.. ALWAYS.. at the end of my flights I always HAVE AT LEAST ONE OF THEIR SLIPS OF PAPER IN ONE OR IN BOTH OF MY CHECKED BAGS TELLING ME HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE TO ME..

As I was rummaging around inside of India Bag looking for how to spell the word Thank You in Hindi (Dhanya Vad) I discovered that the aforementioned folks had actually opened up my mini-plastic-bottle of DAWN and DID NOT SECURELY SCREW THE LID BACK ONTO IT.. FURTHER.. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE.. the bastards took the mini-bottle of DAWN out of the Zip Loc Heavy Duty Double Zipper One Quart Sized Bag.. and after openng it up.. did NOT return it to its home inside of its Zip Loc Bag..

So I lost about one-quarter of a cup of my precious DAWN which is to say about 60 percent of my total ‘stash’  and the inside of India Bag and many of his contents (other Bobbseys) were wet with a sticky film of my precious DAWN dish washing liquid..

IT took me well over one hour to unload India Bag.. THAT was but five to ten minutes.. then for me  to clean up the wet-with DAWN Bobbseys.. and then to get the one quarter cup of DAWN rinsed out.. it did not want to come clean.. I rinsed and I rinsed and I rinsed the inside of India Bag with the sudsy evidence of the DAWN stubbornly remaining visible..  India Bag is hanging up trying to dry out in the humidity of my room..

WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER PIECE OF NEWS..  in twenty one years of coming to India I have NEVER BEEN HERE IN INDIA on the dates September 7th through October 30th.. my last trip I left on September 6th.. and my first trip in October of 1990 I arrived on October 31st.. so the weather here at this time is new to me.. I did NOT realize that the Monsoon was still here.. new data to me.. I did not quite realize how hot is will be this time of year.. so YOU and I will enter a learning experience together..

Smiles .. Cap