I was invited to speak at a very small, noon time meeting here in Ulaanbaatar today.

Large or small, I do them all.

An 8AM morning meeting just yesterday began with only one member showing up. Since I don’t speak Mongolian, and the other member did not speak English, we waited until about 8:20AM for someone else to show up. No one did and we left.

Then after I got home, I received a phone call from a member who arrived at 8:40AM (just a little late for an 8AM meeting ).

You can read The Rest Of The Story if you click onto the below link..

Today’s noontime meeting also was going to be small. I was told from three to four members. For reasons unknown to me, it grew to fifteen of us. For The Rest Of This Story and some photos  you can click onto the below link:

Well Hello Puppy!

He appeared just today. Sweet puppy.

Patti, he sort of reminds me of our puppy (was it in Puri, Orissa, India?) who we took into our hearts. This lad is sure much better nourished. Winter is coming and it looks like he will be wearing the coat he needs to keep warm.

Today was one wonderful day. Sunny and in the 70’s.

I either go to bed or I just tip over onto the floor here at the desk top. 


26 Post Cards are in-the-mail. So look for yours. More will go out this upcoming Monday.


  1. Patricia Boone

    Ahhhh, an adorable puppy! Yes, it was in Puri, Orissa, India where we took that little runt of the litter under our care for the time we were there. He was so skinny .. so, we got him some nourishing food for several days, hoping that would give him a better start than he had had so far. He looked healthier and happier by the time we left. Thanks for featuring this little one in Mongolia today!! Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      What we got in Puri was some infant formula him. He lapped it up like gangbusters and yes, he did look much better when we left. I am tempted to take this little one under-my-wing but what to do when I leave? Break both of our hearts? His and mine at parting ways. This one is so sweet. He just rolls over on his back when I come up to him and this after only a few encounters. Much Love .. Cap

      Oh my. That was in 1996! Twenty Three (23) YEARS ago. Baba Nanda was still alive.

  2. Patricia Boone

    You might get him some puppy bisquits! Just like the one in Puri, you cannot take this one with you, but you might be able to makes some of his days happier and healthier while you are there. Just sayin’ . . . Smiles, and give him some snuggles and tummy rubs for me!! Patti

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