‘Zilla, in a comment, showed some interest in the parking lot resurfacing project I am watching unfold outside my building.

Below is an overview.

In the first photo below, in the top right corner, with a yellow roof, is a children’s playground structure. Keep in mind that the building on the right edge of the photo is an elementary school.

You can see the playground structure and the school on the right side of the below photo.

A closer look at it. Also notice the small statue in the extreme lower right corner of the below photo.

Here is a really close-up look at the small statue.

These two photos, above and below, give you an idea of the really pleasant ambience of the school grounds.

A close-up look at the playground structure for the children.

I really love to look out at the school from my window. I like, I love, where I have been living when I am here in Ulaanbaatar for well over four years now.

The below photo looks back at my building from the school yard.

Now to the parking lot resurfacing. I got out and shot some on-site photos. In the first three photos below, do all of you see the above playground structure with the yellow roof?

Now you have a good idea of this part of the parking lot resurfacing.

Now I turn 90° to my right from the above scenes and see, in the distance, my building.

Now I walk up to the section off to the right and show that leg of the parking lot. The building on the left below is NOT my building.

These two photos show this dog-leg of the parking lot.

IF, oh the big IF, but IF you are really interested, in the below photo you see the dog leg to the left that I’m showing above. I may have just lost My Dear Patti.

Now we are looking straight at my building.

We walk to the end of this section of the parking lot and look up the road to the left.

On a sunny day.

Another view of the main section of the parking lot.

I wonder what they are going to do with the below mess at the front door to my building?

For What It’s Worth, this concludes this interim update on the parking lot resurfacing and we’ll see how it all ends up.


4 thoughts on “OCT 3, 19 .. THE PARKING LOT RESURFACING .. Chapter 1

  1. Patricia Boone

    Quite the project! And, I do know what a dog leg is . . you did not lose me there. They are predicting rain and snow mix possibly for here tomorrow. Hope they get your parking lot resurfacing done before snow moves into Ulaanbaatar. Smiles. Hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It wasn’t the dog leg I was thinking of. So you did not get confused about what I thought might be confusing to you. It truly is ‘quite-a-project’ to quote you. Me too. I hope the weather holds for the construction crew. Another nice, sunny with blue skies, day here. Thanks for your comment. Much Love .. Cap

  2. zilla

    Friday, October 4, 2019 – 3:30 pm
    Hi Cap,
    I took great interest of your photos of the new pavement being placed. Very nifty! I always take a great interest in ANY construction project. I would say they did some nice work and probably very good timing to complete the work in nice weather!

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