Unless you have traveled for months-on-end .. out of the US .. and lived out of a suitcase or a backpack .. it will be difficult for you to fully understand and to fully appreciate how very much it means when you get access to a roof .. with a clothes line .. and have warm to hot sun and a very nice breeze blowing that will fully dry even heavy cotton T-shirts in a few hours!

To have all of these is PHENOMENAL!  And I do have all of them here in Kodaikanal!  Just look at the clothes below drying in the sun under blue skies!



I am not the only one washing clothes.


To be sure of clothes-line-space I wash my clothes during the night and hang them out-to-dry under-the-stars.

Below is a photo of my ‘laundry-room’ .. my restroom if-you-will!


Now I will get-to-the-drama!  The above bucket is very heavy for me to lift when it is full of water.

When I do a washing .. I will have five buckets of water to lift and to pour down the toilet.  One is my soapy wash water .. and it will take four more buckets of water to get the soap out of my clothes.

Since it could be an absolute disaster for me to slip-and-fall on the tile floor should it get wet and soapy .. it is extremely important for me to keep the floor as-dry-as-possible!  I also want a relatively dry floor so I do not track water into my room. Finally I don’t want the restroom to be wet and humid which it will be with a lot of water on the floor.

To do this I strive to aim carefully and to slowly pour the water into the toilet so it will not splash onto the floor.  The problem .. the DRAMA if-you-will .. is that here at the Raahat Inn .. and this is a first for me .. the toilet seat would NOT stay in the raised position.  It is much easier for me to pour the heavy bucket of water into the toilet with the seat up!

How to get the seat to stay up?  I tried several ideas and decided that I would simply tape-the-seat to the lid.  The problem .. the DRAMA if-you-will was that the tape would NOT STICK to the lid.

So I solved this by getting-into-my-bag-of-tricks and getting some sand paper to sand and to rough-up the surface of the toilet seat lid.

Below you can see the sand paper and fibre-glass-tape and roughed-up-sanded-section of the lid. This did-the-trick.  The tape now sticks very well to the lid.


Below is a side view showing the fibre-glass-tape stuck to the lid. This is the normal position of the seat and the lid. No problem.


Below is a front-on-photo of the lid and the seat taped-very-securely together.


And finally the successful end-of-the-story!  It may be just a little hard for you to understand .. but if you compare the below photo with the seat in the up-position with the fourth photo above showing the seat in its normal down-position .. it is FAR EASIER to pour the heavy bucket of water slowly into the toilet with the lid UP!

For a laundry-or-two I was holding the lid up with a knee while pouring the bucket of water into the toilet.  EXTREMELY dangerous!


My two waste paper buckets ALSO HELP with the laundry!  One holds the soapy clothes .. and after a rinse cycle .. the freshly rinsed clothes go into the other bucket.


What can I say?  The two waste paper buckets just wanted to be in a picture!

With the above arrangement .. I feel a lot better than when I was trying to pour the buckets of water into the toilet holding the seat up with a hand or elbow or finally a knee.

Smiles .. Cap