Before I forget, I have published what I plan to be my last Vladivostok post on blogspot. This final post shows an 83-photo-collage of the two weeks I spent there.


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A Day In My Life.

On October the 14th, 1903, in Roachdale, Indiana, a small village about 40 miles slightly north and west of Indianapolis, Indiana, Bertha Estelle Weddle and Willam Harvey Chastain had a son. That son was my father.

Happy Birthday Dad, where ever and however you may be. God Rest Your Soul.

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This is to-die-for-good.

I am eating it, right-out-of-the-can, unheated, spread onto Mongolian Dark Bread and it is wonderful.

I e-mailed Peter, a great friend who lives in the greater metropolitan area of Seoul South Korea and asked him about it.

My e-mail was titled:


He replied:

Howdy Cap,

Just went to our cupboard + checked my tuna supply.
I buy regular tuna in regular size cans for my tuna sandwiches.
I buy small cans of the exact same product you are asking about. I use them for snacks with Triscuits.
They also have the double hot version but I have no interest in trying them.
This was actually an easy question for the unusual sort of a guy that I am.

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So there you have it! That’s all for today.

Cap and Patti

“Captain! That’s all for today?”

“Oh Lord! DID YOU have to ask him that? Don’t you know better?!”

“Now look what’s coming!”

It was a very busy day. Not to mention the work I do daily on these four websites I have..

I went to my dentist and picked up my new dental night guards. I took, and I have included the below new photos into my OCT 7, 19, post of my dentist’s office.


On the way there, I snapped the below photo of the Blue Sky Hotel and Tower.

Three additional views of the waiting area in the dental office.

– – – – – – – – – –

I went to the main, downtown post office, and in the MobiCom office there, I recharged my two cell phones with additional money.

Then I continued into the post office..


Mail YOU and others some post cards

To buy YOU and others 20 more post cards (5 each of the below views).

To purchase the stamps necessary to mail them.

By The Way, it is hard to see, but at the very top of the stamps in the above photo..

You can see that these magnificent, majestic, phenomenal postage stamps..

Are printed in France.

– – – – – – – – – –

The bus home from downtown was a lie-down-and-cry mess. Jam Packed.

It’s hard to show how crowded it is with someone immediately in front of you. The button on her coat is so close it is blurred.

It remains a small miracle that quite often, not 100% always, that I continue to have kind people yield their seat to me.

That IS that for today kind followers and sports fans everywhere.

Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “OCT 14, 19 .. A DAY IN THE LIFE

  1. Patricia Boone

    I am certainly DELIGHTED that your grandfather and grandmother brought your Dad into this world on this date in 1903 .. that birth brought you to all of us 33 years later. Hooray!! I am wondering just how hot the hot tuna is, but I do like seeing the chunky texture. Always wonderful to see a photo of the Blue Sky .. what an awesome building. Glad to hear you are happy with your two new mouth guards. And, fun to see the interior of the main post office again. That brings back memories for me of selecting postcards there. Tee hee, those elegant stamps are printed in France .. how fitting! That IS one crowded bus you were on!! Touching that someone always seems to get up and give you a seat. Fun post! Smiles and hugs, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It was nice that I really knew both of my paternal grandparents. Vivid memories of them both. The tuna is absolutely perfectly spiced. It is spicy but in no way too much for you. I hope I can remember to bring some home. The Blue Sky just begs for me to take ‘yet another photo of me Dad’. The dental night guards are the best ever. Amazing dental services at ‘my’ Mongolian Dentist. Happy you recall the Main Post Office. I’d have taken a photo of the button on the lady’s jacket but it was too close for my camera to focus upon! Happy you liked the post that I almost ‘cut-way-short’. Thanks as always for your assistance proof-reading it. Love .. Cap

  2. Peter James

    Patti Cap Patti Cap, we miss you so much, it just ain’t roight
    Thank God we’ll see you next year in the City of Detroit ! ! !
    Love Peter & Lisa

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You So Much Gullible for your appreciation and for letting me know your card with the incredible Mongolian Stamps actually arrived safe and sound. Smiles Cap

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