Chapter 2 of the ‘mystery project’.

“Does ‘The Shadow Know’ what they are doing down below my window?”

Below is a look at the many concrete blocks, strewn helter-skelter, around our parking area that I saw a week or so ago. I have to admit that I had no idea whatsoever as to what they were going to be used for.

If we look up the street in the above photo, we see the below scene. Just look at all of the concrete blocks to the left of the white striped cross walk!

Going down on the ground, we see some of them up-close-and-personal.

Patti left the below comment for Chapter 1.

Another construction job underway outside of your building .. mysterious concrete blocks .. we wonder what the blocks will become. Maybe they are a prelude to a sidewalk somehow? Maybe they will have something to do with creating a more user-friendly entrance to your building? Or, maybe they will be an obstacle course for the winter! We shall see. Waiting for the next chapter . . . Smiles and love, Patti

Wow My Dear One! You ‘called it’!

First there was absolutely nothing whatsoever going on up the street.

From my window, looking up the street, comparing the above photo with the below photo, you can see there have been changes made in the parking lot area.

Do you see Patti’s new sidewalk to the left of the white striped cross walk?

Now we are back outside on the ground looking up the street.

Walking up the street, we come to the new sidewalk you see in the distance above.

Up close and a little bit more personal.

Looking at the above two photos, we walk up to the ’rounded corner’ and, turning 90° to our left, are the below views of the side street that fronts other apartment buildings.

Will you just look at the nice, new, sidewalk!

Two earlier views of this side street. The first one below was taken after the asphalt paving project was completed.

In the second one below you can see along the left side that there was no sidewalk.

Now we walk along the new sidewalk. 

Walking down the above section of new sidewalk, we come to the below entrance to a building. You can clearly see how the concrete blocks are being used.

Below you see the completed paving of the above entrance to the building

Now we walk further up this section of new sidewalk.

Below is a second nicely paved entrance to this building.

Below we’ve walked to the corner above, turned around 180° and looking back up the street we again see the nice new sidewalk.

Because all of the above work was up the side street, I did not see any of this concrete placement activity. The one small section of the new sidewalk (to the left of the white striped crosswalk) just appeared one day when I looked out my window. Little did I know about the work that had been underway up the side street to the left.

Now we come to progress on the area immediately below my window. You can clearly see how the mysterious concrete blocks are being used as you look at the below photos.

Hard to see, but in the below photo is some snow that sprinkled down for about 10 minutes.

Progress in other areas.

Yet more materials have been delivered to the site.

You can see the above materials along the bottom of the below photo taken looking down from my window.

There is more to come so stayed tuned for the final chapters.



  1. Patricia Boone

    This certainly solves the mystery of the ‘mystery project’. An interesting way they use the blocks to put together the sidewalks and building entrances. Different from how we do it here in the USA and it certainly looks nice! I hope they get it done before snow moves in there in a serious way, but I do not see snow in your forecast of Ulaanbaatar weather. Any more ‘mysteries’ to come? As you so often say, “Only the Shadow knows.” More to be revealed? More smiles and many hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No more mysteries coming. However there is an adjoining construction project underway that I have not mentioned because the parking lot projects (levelling and grading and seal coating / asphalt paving / the ongoing sidewalk work) have kept me jumping. They are sure having great ‘weather luck’. Yet another stunningly beautiful day on hand. So there is definitely more yet to be revealed. Thanks for all of your input as to the beginning of this post. Great comments and ideas. Much Love .. Cap

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