In real time, the concrete placement work you are going to see in this Post took place this past Sunday, the 20th of October.

I was (more or less) shocked when, sitting here quietly in my room, I thought that I heard some ‘stirring’ going on outside.


And so I opened up my window and looked down..

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed to myself “They are placing concrete and I mean big time!”

Yes indeed Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, Sports Fans everywhere, the construction crew was hard-at-it on Sunday.

Add to this fact that a considerable amount of other work has been underway in the dark-of-night..

And when I say they are working in the dark-of-night, I mean : They ARE working in the dark-of-night!

Their work days and working hours cross a broad spectrum.

When I say that, last Sunday the 20th they were jumping, I mean : They really were JUMPING!

There were four (as in 1, 2, 3 and 4) concrete ready-mix trucks, in tandem operation with one another.

One entering the parking lot as one is leaving.

Do you all see two of them in the below photo? One at the very top and one in the middle on its way out. The driver of the bottom ready mix truck is probably thinking to himself, “I wish this car would get out of my way! I’ve got work to do!”

How would you like having to maneuver a giant ready mix truck in amongst the cars?

Two of them, at-the-ready to move into place to deliver their concrete.

A very nice looking rig below.

Below are four photos of my favorite ready mix truck. You’re going to see why it is my favorite.

Love Love Love the decoration in his back window.

Our American Natives came from this part of Asia, Mongolia!

Now we will begin with the first three photos that I took when I first looked down from my window last Sunday the 20th.

After seeing the above views I said to myself..

“I’ve got to get down-on-the-ground and check this out, up-close and very-personal.

“Oh my! They are really moving!”

Just think, if I had waited just a few more minutes before I looked out, I would have missed a lot of action.

The concrete placement in the area immediately in front of my building is now just about wrapped-up.

In fact I’m calling it..

A done deal!

The below photo shows what it looks like today, the 23rd of October.

Now to follow them up-the-street as they continue placing concrete into the about-to-be new sidewalk.

Below are two photos looking up-the-street.

Here we go, following them up-the-street.

Looking back..

Now up-the-street we go.

In the above photo, the ready mix truck is about to place concrete into the building entrance just up from me.

Looking down from my room as they begin to place concrete.

Looking down from my window today the 23rd.

Further up-the-street we go to the last entrance into the building.

Nice work.

The end of the sidewalk up-the-street from my building.

Take a break guys!

A view looking down on the freshly placed concrete sidewalk and building entrances up-the-street from me.

Now we will go across the street to see another crew placing concrete into sidewalks adjacent to the parking lot. I mean the joint-was-jumping on Sunday the 20th of October!

The first photo below is out-of-order but it clearly shows you where the photos of the below concrete sidewalk paving took place.

Now we are back on the ground.

Below you see the finished sidewalk along that side of the parking lot.

Then they worked their way back down the opposite side of the parking lot.

There you have one very busy Sunday October the 20th. Not only were they all jumping, I too was jumping along with them!

Cap and Patti


  1. Patricia Boone

    It is quite an understatement to say there was some ‘stirring’ going on outside of your window/your building last Sunday. Whew! What a project and they just moved right along. Great that you heard the ‘stirring’ and then got it all caught in your photos. Wonder what they will do next? I wait with baited breath! Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I am tempted to limit myself to 10 photos only when I get to making the next project’s Post. It is all right here, near and dear and very personal out my window and up the street to the left. I again just ‘lucked out’ in that I was home and available last Sunday the 20th to get involved (as you can see I did get involved) in shooting a lot of photos! Thanks for your help and input. Much Love .. Cap

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