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DON’T BE SHOCKED when you read its date : SEP 12, 17 ..


Yes!  I know! Some of you ( many of you / all of you ) have seen the first photos below previously. I like to refresh your memories just in case you’ve forgotten what the Main Downtown Post Office here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia looks like. Keep in mind I have an almost intimate connection to the post offices here since I am again mailing a lot of post cards to YOU! To this point-in-time, I have mailed 167 post cards to 110 different friends. Obviously, at least at this point-in-time, some of you are getting more than one.


Directly ahead of you, in the distance, on the ground floor of the large building, is the Main Post Office.

This is my view of it when I exit the bus I ride to go to the Main Post Office.

Below you can see the main entrance clearly. 

For well over four years I have been walking through the below door.

Below are close-up views of the counter where I do-my-business.

I do not ‘know the staff ‘ yet-at-the-same-time I know all of them because of my years of familiarity doing business with them.

When I drop a batch of post cards into the special INTERNATIONAL MAIL postal drop box, I am confident they will get to the United States.

With the exception of Hong Kong, I can NOT say this about all of the other foreign post offices.

Here is the issue : On a business day (Monday through Saturday) it takes me a good two hours to get from my apartment down to the post office and back. Further, either I’m getting older or the bus crowding is getting worse, but I’m getting worn-out by the trip. Often I will have a long wait for a bus, then I am often (no not 100% of the time but often) I am then faced with a jam-smashed-crowding situation on the bus that is so severe that it is a miracle when I am able to get off the bus at my exit bus stop. Yes often (I’d say 90% of the time) I do get a seat IF they can make room for me to get to a seat where a person in the seat who wants to surrender their seat to me can get up out of their seat to accommodate me.

Oh Yes! On my first ever trip here to Ulaanbaatar (July 2015) I discovered that a mere 10 minute walk (if that) from my apartment I have my very own local post office. But I have a real penchant for using the above INTERNATIONAL MAIL postal drop box.

Until this 2019 trip. Now the bus ride is becoming so severe that from Monday through Saturday I am using my local post office. I like the staff, they are warm and welcoming to me.. 

BUT my local post office DOES NOT HAVE the wide selection of stamps they have at the main post office, so Sundays I go downtown early (they open at 9am Sunday mornings) to re-stock my stamp supply.

Until recently (yesterday to be precise) I would have said the above words about their supply of post cards (that is: my local post office does not have the supply of post cards the main post office has).

A lifetime touching poignant moment : Yesterday (almost with tears in her eyes) my local postal lady pulled out a BOX of post cards and, shrugging her shoulders, said to me in body-language.. “Why don’t you get your post cards from me?” 

ON-THE-SPOT I bought fifteen post cards from her and I will continue to do so.

AND MY MAIL, posted at my local post office, IS being delivered to you. Oh trust me. I know which post office I am using for each batch of out going mail.


Below are photos of MY very own local post office that I just snapped today.

Directly across my parking lot you see another building. My local post office is on the other side of that building. I walk to that building and turning left go around and past it. 

I walk to that building across from me ..

Yes it is trying to snow..

And when I get to it..

I turn left to go around and past it.

Now I am looking back at the building across from me. It is building number 7Б not number 76.

Continuing to walk straight ahead up the sidewalk below..

I turn left at the yellow building in the distance above, and jog around it to go up the below sidewalk to my post office.

Below is a view of the yellow building. You can also see my local post office just past it.

My local post office.

Below we are looking back at it. Do you see the yellow building in the far distance?

Upon entering you immediately see where people get their mail. Postal Boxes.

The next photo below looks-back at the above postal boxes

We will walk through this opening..

Looking back at the entrance door.

Have-a-few-more postal boxes! On the right below you can see the door into the small office.

Well there you have it!

More (lots more) than you ever knew about my postal business here in Ulaanbaatar.

Smiling (with Patti) .. Cap


  1. Patricia Boone

    I really enjoyed re-visiting the two post offices, the Main Post Office and the local post office. Both look exactly as I remember them. It is very tender that the postal lady in your local office brought out the BOX of postcards for you. She has probably been wondering why you keep mailing all these handfulls of cards that you have purchased elsewhere, not at her office. I never saw her BOX of cards when I was there .. only the selection at the counter, a small selection. Life unfolds in unexpected ways and sometimes touches our hearts. Her gesture in making more cards available to you is one of these times. Hugs, love. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Never before had I myself seen her ‘stash’ of post cards. Actually she pulled out TWO BOXES of post cards. Yes the small selection (one each) of post cards under the counter glass window is all I ever knew she had. A poignant moment when she ‘pleaded with me’ to give her just a little business. Happy you liked this blast-from-the-past. Much Love .. Cap

  2. zilla

    Sunday, October 27, 2019 – 4:00 pm
    Hi Cap, as always, the time you take to have such a great selection of photos, including the construction photos at your apartment is really appreciated! Since most of my career was in construction, you taking the time to document your on-going project in Ulaanbaatar is really nifty! Many thanks for taking the time! Super duper!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It is my pleasure to be sharing my own interest in what is going with this work outside of my window, the asphalt paving and now the sidewalk work. I especially appreciate your interest ‘Zilla because I feel that certainly many followers have no interest in it at all. Nifty. Cap

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