W O W !!

Here’s what’s in a calendar date..

One full year ago, October the 29th, 2018..


Your Captain left Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and flew North to Irkutsk, Russian Siberia.


One full year. That’s what’s in the two dates, October the 29th, 2018 and 2019.

And the one thought that is predominant in my mind is this : Where did the past year go?

It seems like one blurry whirlwind with so many events all wrapped up into this past year for Patti and for me.



Because of their vital importance to me during my visit to Russia, I’m going to post photos of both Sergey and Mike.

Sergey was, from finish to start, My Number One Man in Russian Siberia.

Mike, also a wonderful man and my translator, conceived of, and put-it-all-together with help from Sergey, our full two-month trip through a large part of Russian Siberia. To name only the major cities, we visited Kyzyl, Abakan, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. 

My mere words of thanks here in this post can in no way express my enormous gratitude to Sergey and Mike. In Feburary 2019 Mike’s sister was having serious health issues in Moscow and left to assist her. We never saw one another again during this nine month visit to Russian Siberia. Patti never had a chance to meet Mike, but she saw Sergey often during her almost 5 months in Siberia.

Before I continue, I want to remind all of you that this trip, which began on 29 October 2018 and which ended on 9 September 2019, was NOT my first visit to Russian Siberia. As you can see if you click onto the below link, from 2 August 2017 until 4 August 2017, I visited Ulan-Ude, Ivolginsk and Gusinoozyorsk.


Do you want a ‘mouthful’ when it comes to the name of a Russian Siberian city?

I positively love the Russian spelling of Gusinoozyorsk. 

I was going to show some of the major highlights of this past year and realized it is an absolutely impossible task.

At the minimum I want to list (I think I’ve gotten at least 90% of them) the places I visited (some with Patti at my side) in Russian Siberia. To qualify, the below are places and locations where I spoke, where I have strong and vivid memories even if I did not participate in a speaking engagement, or which are just impossible for me to forget.

Deep breath. Here we go loop-di-loop through Russian Siberia. More or less in calendar order. By the way, I am going to include Ivolginsk and Gusinoozyorsk from my August 2017 trip at the end of the list. I was in Ulan-Ude on this trip as well as in 2017.

Irkutsk, Bol’shoye Golovstnoye, Angarsk, Usolye-Sibirskoye, Kultuk, Sludyanka, Baykalsk, Arshan, Listvyanka, Kyzyl, Elegest, Shagonar, Aldin-Bulak, Abakan, Minusinsk, Sayno-Shushenskaya, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Marinsk, Tayshet, Yakutsk, Kangalassy, Zhatay,Ulan-Ude, Chita, Vladivostok and from 2017 Ivolginsk and..


I could ‘write-a-book’. I have especially vivid memories of my visit to Gusinoozyorsk. 

We were all at an overnight camp out and, after lunch, I was getting ready to take a nap when I was made aware of the fact that several friends wanted me to accompany them to a meeting of the City Fathers here in Gusinoozyorsk. Half awake I got into the car and a small caravan of us were off. I was sitting in the back of the room and turned to Deegi and said, “What is this all about?”. She said there was no recovery program here in Gusinoozyorsk and we were going to hear-a-talk about recovery. “Nice.” I replied. Then as an afterthought I said, “Who is going to speak Deegi?” Without batting an eye she said, “YOU are.” I said, “But who is going to translate?”. “I am.” she replied.

“How did it go Leonid?” How is this for enthusiasm?

Well I think that this will be it for some memories of the date on the calendar of October the 29th.

Cap and (for sure) Patti

4 thoughts on “OCT 29, 19 .. WHAT’S IN A CALENDAR DATE?

  1. Patricia Boone

    What a year this has been! You would have just been busy shaking your head if you had had a preview of what was in store for you starting one year ago. Amazing .. each and every one of the last 365 days, jam packed with precious adventures and now memories. It was a blessing to me to be a part of several months of it!! How could I be other than .. Smiling and sending love. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Whew huh? What a year this has been. Amazing. Almost instantly I knew there was not enough time-in-the-day to even begin to consider a running recap of the highs and the almost too-many-to-count unforgettable experiences. Again thanks so much for assisting me with proof-reading yet another rather complicated post. I need your outside input to be sure I’m on-the-right-track. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Tom

    Hi Cap, Tom here reading this while I am in transit. We are ”on the move” today – heading for the South Seas. We will talk to you from Hawaii soon, Tom

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Back Tom! As I reply you are ‘in the air’ and ‘on the way’ to Hawaii. Safe and happy journey. Fun you are keeping up while ‘on the move’. Smiles .. Cap

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