I will begin with a short Prologue : As I begin this post, I already know that it will be yet another lengthy and time consuming effort. I also feel that it will be the final chapter in this series of posts. But will it be? See my Rhetorical Questions in the Epilogue.

In near distance, on the right side of the first three photos below, do you see the two-toned (red lower and white upper) colored building? It is a hotel. 

A closer look at the the hotel.

You can really see the hotel in the below photo. You’ll be seeing the hotel in quite a few photos.

Commencing with the first three photos above, we will now walk straight forward and see, up close and personal, the work underway in front of the hotel.

The below photo clearly shows the area where they will be placing concrete.

Take just a few seconds and carefully study the below scene.

Not too many days ago, the above area, now about to be filled with concrete, looked like you see in the below photos.

This entire are is about to be paved.

The area has been prepped, and the Ready Mix Trucks have arrived on site.

Let’s begin placing some concrete.

VOILÁ What an amazing difference.

Notice in the above photo, the sidewalk curving away and out of the photo to the left.

Below are photos of this sidewalk under construction and finished.

In the background is our familiar hotel.

Not too many days ago, the above area looked as you see below.

The sidewalk is formed and ready to be paved.

The sidewalk continues around to the right.

The paving of this one section of sidewalk has been completed.

Below is the section after it turns the corner.

Now we’ll wrap up another new sidewalk.

Do the below scenes look familiar?

VOILÁ The above work is also finished.

Happy Young Lady! Smile and The World Smiles With You!

Last Friday evening, November the 1st, I was exhausted. So I went to bed at 8:30pm, early for me. As I lay in bed getting ready to sleep, I thought that I could hear ‘stirrings’ outside of my window. As Patti will tell you, I don’t lay in bed trying to go to sleep. I usually go to sleep almost instantly. Had I followed this, my usual routine, I would have promptly gone to sleep and I would have missed one of the great show-of-shows.

So I got up and peered out my window.


The asphalt paving road crew is going to town down there. Do you see all of the interested ‘bystanders’ above?

I have got to get up, get dressed, and go down there.

For each one of these photos, five failed to make-the-cut.

I could have posted just one or two photos, but I didn’t have the heart to delete the few acceptable photos I snapped.

You can see they had a large crew. 

A lot of asphalt was distributed manually by shovels because the paving machine could not reach every square foot that was being paved.

To get the one acceptable photo below showing three of the four (4) dump trucks hauling asphalt into the construction site, I snapped seven photos. The fourth dump truck was delivering asphalt to the paving machine.

I got my final photo from my room.

Saturday morning, November the 2nd, looking down from my room.

Out on the newly paved road.

Epilogue. This concludes the tenth (10th) post showing some (certainly not all of it) of the construction that I have chronicled beginning October the 3rd.

Today’s First Rhetorical Question: Will this be the last post? 

Today’s Second Rhetorical Question: ‘Does The Shadow Know’ if this is the end of construction posts?

Cap and (always) Patti 


  1. Patricia Boone

    Very comprehensive final (?) report on the ongoing construction taking place below your window. I well remember those uneven and broken up areas in the street and where the sidewalks are now. What a difference! My heart went out to that small hotel next to our building .. must have been more than a bit challenging for them to stay in business with that mess at their front entrance. Of course now their entrance is far improved! Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The hotel seemed to be ‘unfazed’ by it all. They MUST be practicing ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance DOES NOT MEAN approval. Happy you liked the final (?) report. The series of 10 posts sure turned out to be quite a project. Much Love .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes indeed it does improve the entire area. Nice you said ‘more’ uptown. It still is not UPtown but it IS more so. Smiling .. Cap

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