After the intense effort (hours and hours) that I have been putting into all of these posts detailing the construction underway ‘outside of my window’, today was a low key day.

I made a run downtown to the Main Post Office to buy some stamps.

I had seen these stamps during my last foray into the Main Post Office. 

Each sheet has twenty (20) completely different stamps. Today I purchased four (4) sheets of them.

It’s called change. The post cards you are about to receive will have the above stamps on them.

Each single post card requires four stamps. So the minimum you will get to receive is four of them.

We hope you’ll like the change in stamps.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti


4 thoughts on “NOV 7, 19 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH .. ODDS n’ ENDS .. STAMPS

  1. Patricia Boone

    Something else to look forward to .. a different set of stamps, 4 to a postcard! I will be waiting for them to make their flight from one side of the world to another, Mongolia to Alaska. Woop!! Smiles and hugs, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I have five post cards, each one of them addressed and ready to write and then periodically mail to you so that you WILL see each and every single one of the 20 stamps. That is IF they arrive in Anchorage. I’m loving Mongolian Postal Stamps. Four ++ years and counting and I just found out about these last Sunday. “C’mon Captain, have you been living under a rock?” .. Smiling Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes they certainly are beautiful. YOURS, well a set-of-four, are already in-the-mail as of Saturday the 9th of November. So look for them. Everyone I feel is following Patti and I here on is getting at least one set-of-four. Smiles .. Cap

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