My kitchen has become the ‘home’ for an 8am Friday morning meeting. This dates-back to the 20th of last September when I initially ‘hosted’ the meeting for three weeks. I am no longer the ‘host’ but the building the meeting normally meets in is undergoing some restoration work and has been closed for a few weeks. So I have to get up earlier than I am used to getting up and have my kitchen ready for a small meeting. No big deal.


Unless you are ‘living-under-a-rock’ you know that there is a lot of ‘unrest’ in Hong Kong. Going back to earlier this year, when I knew my Russian Visa would expire 14 September, I had to leave Russian Siberia before 14 September. I had planned to winter in Hong Kong after three months here in Ulaanbaatar.

After three months of mental back-and-forth, forth-and-back, should I / or shouldn’t I winter in Hong Kong, things crystalized when a medical condition involving Patti has come-to-pass. I will be staying in Hong Kong for, the maximum, one month. My decision to even go to Hong Kong, let alone stay awhile, was reached after many long talks with my Hong Kong resident friends who live there permanently. They have a sound basis of experience at to how to avoid trouble. Weekends are the issue. The nights in particular. So watch it then. I’m flying in mid-week, mid-day. A good, low profile time to avoid grief.

Then I will return to the U.S. to assist Patti with the situation we are looking at.


MIAT is Mongolian Airlines. So after the morning meeting, out and off I went downtown to the MIAT Office. Just getting downtown and back is a physical challenge due to the crowding on the buses. In addition there is a considerable amount of walking from Peace Avenue to the MIAT Office and back to get a bus home. Ironing out all of my travel arrangements also takes some doing. 

For a few more details, please click onto the below link to see the TRAVEL page.


While downtown I always visit the Main Post Office. 


I’m almost out of peanut butter so I went with a friend to pick up her daughter after school and we then got me resupplied with peanut butter.


I hosted them for a wonderful dinner.


I started and I finished one.


I did a few hours work on them.


I finally ran-out-of-gas and crashed.

I’m going to post some photos of the project and our dinner in tomorrow’s post.

Cap and Patti

“What aren’t you telling us Captain?”


2 thoughts on “NOV 8, 19 .. WAS ONE BUSY DAY

  1. Patricia Boone

    Now that is what I would call a FULL day, starting with needing to be up earlier to get things set up for the 8 am meeting. Then, all the categories: kitchen, Hong Kong, MIAT, post office, peanut butter, dinner, projects, post cards, and .. Whew! And then we factor in the buses and traffic back and forth, driving to get the peanut butter, etc. Whew again!! Nice that you have your ticket to Hong Kong nailed down. Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It was a more-than-full day and that is for sure. I feel I am supporting a good friend / associate by ‘hosting’ the morning meeting on Fridays. It is a short meeting, 45-minutes maximum, so I just have been rolling-with-it. At this juncture, Hong Kong feels like a good stop over en route back to the U.S. The MIAT Office is a first class operation. You and Gullible were there with me in late 2015. Nice memories. Much Love .. Cap

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