Memory Issues : I am not able to remember, I am not able to bring to my immediate consciousness, when a trip has been so absolutely exhausting, enervating (to deprive of force or strength; destroy the vigor of; weaken) as this relatively short ‘outing’. In theory I just hopped on a plane in Ulaanbaater, Mongolia, this morning and flew a very short, three hour flight here to Seoul, South Korea. I had an aisle seat with the seat beside me empty. Great. I was up at the front of the plane. Great for getting off quickly. I had wheel chair assistance at both ends of the flight. At Seoul the wheel chair assistant was waiting for me. Great.

I really know how to navigate the Seoul (Incheon) International Air Terminal. I knew how to get my bus ticket into town. I knew where by bus route number 6030 departure point is (just this is no small feat, as there are many buses going many different places). I knew where to exit my bus (the Hamilton Hotel, Itaewan) and I knew the staff there would let me call Terry from their front desk phone.

So why was I worse than burnt toast?

The issue here is the process of leaving my apartment in Ulaanbaatar. THAT process drained me completely and I have absolutely no idea as to why. Throw my things into two suitcases and call-it-a-day. 

The bottom line : By the time I got into Seoul, navigated the airport to get a bus into town, got to the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewan, called Terry and waited for him, got to his flat here I was worse than burnt toast.

So? We got back to Terry’s and I lay down to refresh myself.


I slept fifteen and one half hours (15-1/2 hours).

It did not help that, to catch my flight out of Ulaanabaatar, I was up before 4 o’clock in the morning when the bodies biorhythms are at their lowest point. It also did not help that I had to make perhaps ten trips between my apartment and the hotel next door and the downstairs trash bins.

One theory I have is that, maybe, just possibly, at age 83 years, after fourteen months of travel, slowly my body has been getting deeply fatigued.

So here I sit, knowing that the worst thing I can do is go back to bed and sleep some more, yet wanting to go back to bed and sleep some more.

Will I go back to sleep some more? Does The Shadow Know? Does anyone care? Of course not.

Time to call Patti and let her read this and maybe revise it just a little.

I just had a nice breakfast here compliments of Chef Terry. I’ve been drinking copious quantities of warm water. I know what to do and I DO what I know to do.

Time so say over and out on Friday December the 6th which for me is Saturday Morning December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Just look at what those poor suffering souls endured Captain! And you have the nerve to say you are tired.


4 thoughts on “DEC 6, 19 .. AT AGE 83 PERHAPS I’VE SOME MEMORY ISSUES..

  1. Patricia Boone

    I’d venture to say it is not the trip/flight that was so absolutely exhausting. It makes more sense that it IS the past week of packing, sorting, discarding, good-by visits, and moving over to the next-door hotel the night before your flight that finally caught up with you. Then you could finally take a breath once you were safely with our good friends in Seoul, Korea and realize just how much you had been pushing yourself. Plus, of course, you have been in transit for a solid a 14 months. People much younger than you would also be exhausted! Rest up as best you can .. you still have some miles to go to get back to the states. Love and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I sure am happy that I decided to stay put here in Seoul with Terry and Kathy. Their wonderful flat here is like home to me. This being my third visit. Somehow I over did things getting out of Ulaanbaatar. But, the bottom line is I got out of U.B. I am surprised at the level of fatigue I suddenly felt by the time I got here. As you know there was NO drama getting up and out to the airport, first in line, wheel chair waiting, and through the process I went, it could not have possibly been better. But exhausted I certainly am. I’ve still some time let to continue to rest and relax and cut back on things I don’t need to take further. Terry and Kathy have been willing recipients of new / never used items I am happy to let them have. Much Love. Without Terry and Kathy we would not be in touch via their smart phones. Wonderful. More love, Cap

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