I just got up and went to youtube and brought up Pink Elephants on Pararde from the movie Dumbo circa 1941.

Enjoy a few snippets of music or all of the presentation as you read along here.

This afternoon and evening, Patti and I watched parts of two NFL games, Arizona at Seattle and then Kansas City at the Chicago Bears. Fun to just sit and enjoy them with no expectations as to winners and losers. Thus, being neutral about the two games, they in no way changed the way I feel. I do not like sporting events to so affect me. 

I’m about to get-cranking on my other websites. By sticking with here I am avoiding completely falling into the abyss of total inactivity that leads no where.

Another medical appointment tomorrow, another visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles and a visit to a friend of ours.

Still on my feet and in-the-ring adjusting to being back in the U.S. with a lot of support from Patti.



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