For What It’s Worth .. Life she goeth on .. Some Ups .. Some Downs .. Tomorrow, Monday the 27th, we are going to know much more about what’s going on with Patti’s throat and the procedure Patti will be undergoing. 

Yesterday was basically a great day. We renewed acquaintances with some good friends we hadn’t seen since the Spring of 2018. We then ‘drove-around’ the area surrounding the church where the meeting was located. Stopped by the most amazing Goodwill Store we have ever seen any place and picked up some treasures at 50% of the already low price because of a special yesterday Saturday. Returned to our room. Chilled out briefly and off we went to find a local meeting place here in Tempe, a (local for us) Walmart in Tempe, a Dollar Tree (nothing in the store is more that one U.S. Dollar) where Patti finally said to yours truly, “I’ve got to get YOU out of here Cap!”.  It is the largest Dollar Tree we’ve ever seen anyplace, and in so doing just became more acquainted with the lay-of-the-land in Tempe, Arizona, home of Arizona State University.


A closer look at Tempe. Our motel is located (lower right red balloon) close to Arizona State University.


We feel like we are living the drama of the movie High Noon. For us High Noon will be tomorrow.

Over and out for now.

Cap and Patti

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