I would stop, or at least cease-daily-posts here on dot.net, BUT with all of the medical issues she has been dealing with, some of you would worry that Patti is not OK. 

As I write Monday Evening the 3rd of February, I am happy and oh-so-very-pleased to report Patti is doing extremely well all things considered.

We two had a very full and very satisfying day today.

We left our motel here in Tempe (lower right red balloon ) at 11am and went straight to (all in the vicinity of the upper right red balloon ) COSTCO (about a 25-minute drive) in North Scottsdale so I could check on the availability of tires for our GMC Suburban. We then went to Walmart to check on tires there. Then we went to the hotel we stayed at for two full months back in November 28, 2016, to February 7, 2017, and visited with several of the staff who are still there at the Sleep Inn, North Scottsdale. Then we enjoyed a most pleasant visit over lunch with a close friend here. Then off we went from the East Side over to the West Side of Phoenix (on the Interstate I-17 Corridor upper and lower left red balloons) and visited ‘our old haunts’ from our months here in early 2018. Then we visited another couple at their home in Glendale and went to dinner with them. Then home here to our motel in Tempe.

This is hard to believe, but we drove about eighty (80) miles as we drove the above counter-clockwise loop!



While eating dinner with our friends at a buffet, Patti enjoyed eating some ‘real food’ .. roasted chicken, a salad, some cooked carrots, macaroni and cheese and cherry cobbler.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th, we are off for an overnight visit to Tucson, Arizona (lower red balloon) returning on Wednesday the 5th. Friday the 7th off to Kingman, Arizona (upper red balloon) for the ‘duration’ of our visit (unless we change our plans).



It looks like we are coming out of the ‘medical tunnel’. Yes Oh Yes. Patti has not yet defeated this worrisome cough but she is taking another regimen of prescription medication.

Over And Out. A busy next two days upcoming.

Patti and Cap

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2 thoughts on “FEB 3, 20 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Gullible

    Wait. Didn’t you just arrange for another week in your Motel 6? Why, if you’re leaving town for Kingman for the duration?

    You are hard to follow, Rolling Stone.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Our (originally made last December 2019) Motel ‘6’ reservation was : Check In Friday January 24th and Check Out Friday February 7th (14 nights). When I checked in on Friday January 24th I was told we ONLY had a one (1) week reservation Checking in Friday January 24th and Checking Out Friday January 31st. With Patti’s surgery on Friday January 31st we did NOT WANT TO BE CHECKING OUT that day. The motel agreed (after much quiet discussions we two) to let us stay Friday night January 31st and checking out Saturday February 1st. With Patti recovering and the Super Bowl on Sunday February 2nd we did NOT WANT TO check out on Saturday February 1st. After A LOT OF QUIET NEGOTIATING the motel management finally willingly agreed to honor our original reservation (Checking In Friday the 24th and out Friday the 7th).

      So the one (1) week ‘extension’ was only getting back to our original reservation and not a new reservation.

      Going up to Kingman on February 7th was ‘in case’ we were finished at the Mayo Clinic which we are (at least for now). Do you follow? Smiles .. Cap

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