Today, Thursday the 6th of February, I sent the below text message to a number of our Phoenix friends who thought we were leaving Phoenix tomorrow (Friday the 7th) heading North to Kingman, Arizona, with no plans to return to Phoenix until late April / early May.

The Mayo Clinic (non verbally suggested) that we remain IN PHOENIX for awhile. SEE YOU perhaps sooner rather than later. Cap and Patti

I’ll translate the above text message. Patti does not have (what is known at the Mayo Clinic as) a primary care physician. Lacking a primary care physician means that Patti does not have access to the wide spectrum of Mayo Specialists. Through my Mayo doctors, who have themselves put Patti in contact with various other Mayo Clinic specialists, Patti is now able to access certain specialists but not a pulmonary lung specialist. At this moment, Patti’s number one health challenge rests with her lungs. 

Today Patti received a phone call from the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Pulmonary Medicine offering Patti the opportunity to have her lungs examined by a Mayo Clinic pulmonary lung specialist. This is because, prior to her surgery last Friday, Patti’s gastroenterologist (who is actively treating Patti for her Barrett’s Esophagus) became aware of Patti’s coughing issues because he reviewed her medical examination resulting from her Mayo Clinic Emergency Room visit this past Thursday the 30th of January!

This is the non verbal suggestion by the Mayo Clinic that Patti remain here in Phoenix for an examination by a pulmonary lung specialist on February the 26th.

So we are going to sit tight and remain on-the-ready for an earlier appointment via a cancellation (the scheduling department of Pulmonary Medicine has said they will assist Patti in this endeavor to get in sooner than February the 26th).

So too would you remain here in Phoenix given the same circumstances.


Over And Out.

Patti and Cap


Back in year 2017, and again in 2018, Patti wanted to visit the Butterfly Wonderland here in Phoenix. Each year a combination of events prevented us from her wished for visit. This morning, as Patti awoke, I said to her, “Will you promise to agree to a plan I have?” In total trust she replied “I will.” “Today, as my Valentine Day present to you, we are going to visit the Butterfly Wonderland!”

Below is a ‘sneak preview’ of just 9 of the 143 photos that I snapped during our visit. I plan to publish a full post on blogspot tomorrow.

“Patti did you enjoy our Valentine’s Day visit to the Butterfly Wonderland?”

“Oh YES! Thank You So Very Much For A Wonderful Time!”



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