JUL 26, 20 .. THE CLUB

TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION : “Are you losing it Captain?”

Just in case some of you (who may be living under a rock) don’t know what THE CLUB is, below are some photos of OUR CLUB.

The purpose of the steering wheel mounted CLUB is to discourage car thieves from stealing one’s vehicle.

Our truck was stolen (and soon recovered by the Anchorage Police) last year. When Patti asked our mechanic where to purchase a ‘car alarm’, he told Patti that THE CLUB was the best thing to use rather than an expensive car alarm system. So Patti purchased a very handsome STEERING WHEEL CLUB for our truck.

THE CLUB is a deterrent to car thieves because they prefer to be able to operate quickly. Our mechanic told Patti that a vehicle with its steering wheel (more or less) disabled by THE CLUB hopefully will make them find another vehicle easier to steal.

So out and off I went yesterday afternoon on a non-emergency errand. I was NOT rushing. I was NOT in a hurry. Was I awake? I thought I was.

The Rest Of The Story.

With OUR CLUB firmly installed in place on the steering wheel, I proceeded to back straight out of our parking space..

And Captain?

When I then began to turn the steering wheel, OUR CLUB went instantly into action and deterred me from fully turning the steering wheel. I smiled to myself and unlocked him and proceeded on my way.

TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION : “Are you losing it Captain?”

Still Smiling at myself .. Cap

Why would I admit-to-the-world this idiotic event? Because other Senior Citizens who are also dealing with the process of (call it) aging will read this and think : “Well I’m not alone after all.” Further, IF you can’t laugh-at-yourself, I think that you’re in real trouble.

4 thoughts on “JUL 26, 20 .. THE CLUB

  1. Cap Chastain Post author

    Linda, as the photo shows, The Club was diagonally off to the right side of my right thigh. I slipped into our truck (to the left of The Club) and did not feel The Club. Then I backed straight out so still did not ‘sense’ it. BUT, when I attempted to turn the steering wheel (clockwise) that-was-that and The Club resisted further turning of the steering wheel and I just howled at myself. Smiling and Nice To Hear From You! Cap and Patti

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