Sometimes you get (literally) one shot at a photo. As a result, those of us who take a considerable number (many thousands) of photographs tend to jump-at-the-opportunity when a photo presents itself. Driving is one of the greatest challenges. You see ‘The Photo’ and continue to drive thinking it will remain and even get better. Seldom (IF ever) does this happen. The sun may change. The clouds may change (etc you all get it).

A week or so ago, as I was turning into our condominium’s parking lot, I saw the below photo opportunity. And? I stopped and shot it. Then? After an hour of so, I decided to go back and take a distant photo showing the car in the parking lot in order to put the below closeup photo into context. When I went back, the car was gone and I’ve not seen it again. It obviously belonged to a visitor.

So Cat Lovers everywhere. What do you think? I think it is WONDERFUL !

Smiling Cap and My Cat Loving Patti

2 thoughts on “JUL 29, 20 .. FOR ALL OF MY CAT-LOVING FRIENDS

  1. Gullible

    Now those are fun! You are so correct about taking a shot when the opportunity arises. I have so many could-have-been photos in my head.

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