Patti’s birthday was yesterday, August 28th. My oldest son has a birthday today, August 29th. Bam Bam. Two birthdays one right after the other. I myself have a birthday September the 5th. Three Virgos (birth signs).

We had a SURPRISE zoom birthday party for Patti yesterday evening that included family and friends from New York to California (East to West) and from Alaska and Michigan to California and Nevada (North to South). It was so much fun. Patti was TOTALLY SURPRISED!

THAT, in and of itself, was a challenge. So many surprise parties fail in their attempt to actually surprise the recipients.

Meanwhile, back-at-the-ranch,  a long time associate and friend-of-Bills, recently passed on. I have written a post about him on one of my other websites. For all of you friends-of-Bill, below is a link to that post.

Whew. It has been a busy week for yours truly.

Still Standing. Still Smiling.


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