This will be the third consecutive day that I have posted here on

Odd but we have to go back to the Month of May to find the last time here on that I put together a run of  three (or more) consecutive days of posts. 

It just shows that when I have something that I feel to be interesting I post it. Not that it will actually be of interest to anyone, just that I think it might possibly be of interest.

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, last Friday we had a SURPRISE zoom birthday meeting for Patti.

What I haven’t mentioned in regard to Patti’s 80th birthday celebration is the fact that three close friends each (two in person and one by internet purchase from California) gave Patti very nice bouquets of flowers.

So without-further-ado ..

‘Zilla and his wife down in the California High Desert sent the below floral arrangement.

Locally Mary brought a floral arrangement over to us at our Condo.

And Patti’s beloved niece also presented Patti with a floral arrangement.

What else? It was a beautiful, spectacular Autumn Day so on Patti’s birthday four of us visited..

“Visited Captain??”

“Our local ducks.”

Will you just feast-your-eyes on our beautiful, idylic, Autumn Day.

You have all visited Hillstrand Pond right here in our local community via several prior posts.

Life and the passage of time.

“Wasn’t it just yesterday Patti that the ducklings were oh-so-small?”

Sigh. Life and time march ever onward. 

Oh My! Snap-your-fingers. Overnight! All of our baby ducklings have grown up!

One last Hurrah for your 80th Birthday My Dearest Patti.

With Love .. Cap

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