As I have been doing two times a day since I saw my Doctor about my shoulder this past Monday, I just telephoned my Doctor’s Office looking to see IF maybe they had a cancellation of a Physical Therapy Appointment so I could be seen before (one week from tomorrow) next Thursday the 22nd.

Izzy answered and said .. “You are in luck. We have a 9:30am appointment open this upcoming Friday the 16th.” .. “Izzy I’ll take it!”

This is just great. I will begin Physical Therapy six days earlier than originally scheduled. 

About the shoulder. I have stopped trying to ‘favor it’ and have been working to use my right arm and shoulder ‘more normally’. IF you have had this type of injury, even though I got-off-super-easy, there is still a certain discomfort involved. So I am eager to get-on-with-the-getting-on.

October 14th, 1903, my Dad was born. Happy Birthday Cake Dad. I hope you are doing well in the after life.

A nice day again. We have been blessed with many nice days.

Patti’s summer flowers continue to amaze Patti. They are still just blooming-away and we have had several days of frost lately.

The day is coming when I hope to begin posting photos taken of our three week road trip up to Manley Hot Springs to visit our cabin up in Manley. Falling and injuring my right arm and shoulder has really set-me-back more than a notch-or-two. 

Smiling Cap and Hugs from Patti

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