The good news.

As scheduled ( https://babakaps.net/?p=41959 ) today I met with a Physical Therapist and got instructions on the proper exercises to begin doing to assist my right elbow and shoulder to regain some semblance of mobility. Both Patti and I really liked her very positive energy and enthusiasm.

Not such good news.

Patti’s wonderful summer flowers, in light of two consecutive nights of sub-freezing weather, have given us their last wonderful days of enjoyment.  I really felt sad when we saw how they looked.

This recent Wednesday I was advised on my Providence Hospital medical portal that I still needed to get the second of two shingles immunizations. Simple enough. I went to our local Walmart Pharmacy and got it. Oh My I really had a reaction. Yesterday I slept close to 14 hours I was so out of energy along with a large and painful ‘lump’ and redness at the site of the innoculation. I also was running a low grade fever (99.7F) with a lot of fever heat at the site of the ‘lump’. After my Physcial Therapy appointment we went to Walmart and our pharmacist examined the site of the shingles innoculation. She was not concerned and said she would check back with me in a few days. Again today I took several one hour naps feeling out of energy.


Cap and Patti  

2 thoughts on “OCT 16, 20 .. GOOD NEWS AND NOT SUCH GOOD NEWS

  1. Gullible

    Ouch with the shingles shot. I don’t recall such a reaction when I had mine. Darn thing cost me $250.00 at my doctor’s office. For that and other reasons, I changed doctors.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Ouch is right. I do NOT recall such a reaction to other shingles shots that I have had. Drat. Double Drat. Thanks for your comments, always in all ways appreciated. Cap

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