NOV 9, 20 .. YES ! WINTER IS HERE !!

In the title of yesterday’s Post we wrote : IT LOOKS LIKE WINTER IS HERE TO STAY.

You will notice above our title is : YES ! WINTER IS HERE !!

Above you see our living room view yesterday. Below you see it today.

Now we look out of our bedroom window.

Yesterday above. Today below.

Now we step out onto the front porch of our building.

Yesterday above. Today below.

Now to our truck in our front parking lot.

Looking back from the other end of the front parking lot.

I begin clearing snow at the beginning (the windshield).

Then I move around him.

Oh by-the-way, I did NOT clear the snow off our truck just for something-to-do. When I finished I then went out on a short shopping trip.

No doubt about it. Winter IS here. Yes we may see some sunny skies and some melting of the snow but winter IS here.

Cap and Patti

Post Script : In the above photos, the photos designated as today were  taken on Sunday, November the 8th.


2 thoughts on “NOV 9, 20 .. YES ! WINTER IS HERE !!

  1. Gullible

    Lucky you! We had snow, snow, snow, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, snow, snow, RAINRAINRAIN, snow snow, RAINRAIN RAIN. Now everything is coated with a sheet of ice.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      So far we are better off than your are down in Moose Pass. Today it is melting and slippery to beat the band. Thanks for checking in with us Gullible. Cap and Patti

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