NOV 10, 20 (PART 2 of 2) .. WHO’S COUNTING ..

Today’s Rhetorical Question : WHO’S COUNTING. 

I guess that I am counting.

Dating back to AUG 16, 11 ..

When I finish writing this Post and press Publish, this Post will become the one thousand five hundredth (1,500) Post that I have published here on I would seriously doubt that not too many of the kindred souls who set out to have a website (or a blog if you prefer) actually survive the blogging experience for nine plus years and 1,500 Posts.

Back (way back) thirty years ago (in late 1990), during my first ever trip to India, I began to hand-pen accounts of my trip. I met Seattle Greg on December the 27th 1990 while standing outside of the dining hall in the New Delhi, Jai Singh Road Y.M.C.A. Greg is important here because a week or so later, as Greg prepared to return to California, I gave Greg my very first writings and asked him to take them back to the United States and give them to several friends in San Francisco, California. These friends then xerox-copied my writings and mailed them to other friends. 

With Greg no longer in India, I then began to xerox-copy my hand-penned writings there in India and mailed them to the same friends Greg had given my first writing to.

And The World Turns. Time marches forward. On succeeding trips to India, email had become a way-of-life and I began to write and directly email my writings to a myriad of friends, not only in the United States, but in other countries as well.

Then in August of 2011 I met the man who was to become my webmaster and who set up our website here. The key to doing this was simple : The day I began publishing my writings here on, I stopped sending them directly to individuals. The rationale : Every one had the choice to read or not to read my writings. NO LONGER was I sending emails directly to people (many of whom in my mind were deleting them without even opening them). In short everyone could freely choose to read them or not.

The entire point of my writings has been to share my experience of International Travel with all of my friends and acquaintances.

And here I sit. At the age of 84 years, coupled with the world-wide Covid-19 Virus situation, my future World Travels look from bleak to non-existent. 

I sit here wondering who wants to see local photos and read about Patti’s and my daily life?

To cease or not to cease this website.

THIS I KNOW .. Once you stop publishing, you quickly lose those friends who have been faithfully following you. And if and when you might decide to resume the process, it will take a long time before said friends rejoin you. This I know from the experience of others. 

So .. Just For Today .. I plan to continue to follow the trail that has brought me here. You can go-to-the-bank with this fact : IF I am physically able to do so, and IF the world situation will permit, I am going to go abroad again (hopefully with Patti beside me IF she can physically manage the rigors of International Travel.

Now to write NOV 10, 20 .. PART 1 of 2.



2 thoughts on “NOV 10, 20 (PART 2 of 2) .. WHO’S COUNTING ..

  1. Gullible

    I understand totally. I often think of quitting my blog because it attracts so little attention.

    But then I ask myself if writing the blog is more about getting comments (pats on my back) or if it is to have a place for my writing to go.

    Comments are nice; comments are wonderful and gratifying and pleasant to read. But, having a home for my words is more important, so I scribble onwards. SO should you.

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