As I sit here, it is almost 7pm in Alaska on Friday the 12th of February. We are approaching (not quite there yet) the end of our fourth hour since Patti and I received our second Moderna Covid-19 vaccination.

Our appointment was at 2:45pm. We were called together (the first vaccinations were given strictly individually, each of us in a room alone) and with me in the room Patti received her second vaccination. BINGO. Then I received mine. We were led from the vaccination room to the waiting area at 3:11pm. Promptly at 3:28pm (after 15 minutes in the waiting area) we were told we could leave. We did.

I did not feel the first vaccination. That is to say, I did not even feel a pin-prick. I worked-at-feeling the second one today (closed my eyes and concentrated on it) and again I missed it because the nurse said “O.K. you can go.” Patti echoed this for herself. Amazing!

As I press publish, it will be four hours since receiving this second vaccination. So far nothing. No pain. No soreness. Nothing. We are both waving and rotating our arms like crazy (in the Marine Corps I was made to do push-ups following shots to force the blood to circulate in the arm) so we are trying to do the same, keep the blood moving.

I am going to really track the side-effects once (IF ? When ?) they begin.

Over and Out. So far so very good and I can’t wait for the side-effects to appear so we know the vaccine is working.

Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

2 thoughts on “FEB 12, 21 .. OUR SECOND COVID-19 VACCINATION ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      See our Post FEB 13, 21 for your up-to-date answer Gullible. Today we are basically very O.K. BUT not 100% positive. Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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