MAR 12, 21 .. A MIRROR-IMAGE DATE .. 12 – 21 ..

Forgive me the title. Patti had never heard the rock music song, Blinded By The Light, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band version, circa 1976, which, by the way, was playing on the music system in the taxi that we took to the Anchorage Airport (way back long ago) last Monday. So a few minutes ago, I brought it up on YouTube and Patti said it was truly an amazing experience to see and to hear the song. So in that frame of mind, I saw the mirror image of the 12th of March year 21.

“Got it?”


“What can I say?”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A year ago (January 27th 2020) we came here to the Mayo Clinic to have Patti treated for a medical condition called Barrett’s Esophogus.

The treatment involves THREE (3) procedures each one 90 days apart. Procedure 1 was performed January 31st 2020. Procedure 2 was performed May 1st 2020.

Procedure 3 was scheduled to be performed August 1st 2020. Because of the implications of Covid-19, with Patti’s Doctor in complete agreement, we postponed the third Prodedure several times because the risk of contraction of the Covid-19 virus during two or three air flights was greater than the risk of not having the third procedure performed. 

Finally, after just over nine months of delay between the 2nd and the 3rd procedures, today, Friday, March the 12th 2021, Patti received her third (and final??) Barrett’s Esophagus Treatment Procedure.

Yesterday I overslept and Patti missed another appointment.

Today I set an alarm. I was up and going at 4:55am 20 minutes before my alarm was due to sound. I got Patti awake at 5:15am. We arrived at the Mayo Clinic at 6:15am (15 minutes early). I was able to enter the building with Patti and at 7am, with a hug and an I-love-you, I watched (with a real tug-of-my-heart) Patti disappear into the preparation area. As with the other two procedures, I was kept advised of Patti’s progress via Mayo Clinic text messages (the patient is in prep area, the patient is in the operating room, the patient’s procedure has begun, the patient is in the recovery area). At 8:35am I received a call on my smartphone, “This is Lindsay, one of Patti’s nurses. Patti will be coming down in approximately 20 minutes. Are you prepared to bring your vehicle to the building entrance.” .. “Yes I am Lindsay.”

There it was. All (at least so far) good news. The long delay between the 2nd and the 3rd procedure did not cause any problems at all. I brought Patti back to our motel around 11am. Patti lay down. Patti did not visibly move one time for the next four or five hours. Patti was (as the saying goes) dead-to-this-world.

She is on a diet of clear-liquids-only until tomorrow, when she can have apple sauce, jello, yogurt (or similar foods). Sunday she can have soft foods (pasta, oatmeal, etc). Her spirits are just great.


Over And Out For Now. 

Nine long months of waiting and worrying are now past us.

Smiling (REALLY SMILING) .. Patti and Cap

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