Was it / Can it possbily Be .. That in our Post written Sunday, and dated YESTERDAY, MAR 22, 21, we wrote the following words :

Patti is 100% complete with all of her appointments down here at the Mayo Clinic. As Patti has coined the term, we are now free-to-roam-a-little. And so we plan to do some roaming.

The above statement is no longer true. Yesterday morning Patti (was very lucky allow me to say this) got an appointment for some allergy testing tomorrow (Wednesday the 24th) in conjunction with her Ear-Nose-Throat Doctors opinion that some of Patti’s challenges with her coughing could be the result of an allergy that in turn causes conjestion to develop in her sinuses. Then Patti has a followup medical appointment March 30th to review the results of the allergy testing she will have tomorrow.

So we have ever more appointments looming here at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

– – – – – – – – – –

At the end of yesterday’s Post, MAR 22, 21, I wrote the following :

I could write a very long Post just about our doings this past Saturday. So long that, when I get into showing you about last Saturday, see the below sneak-preview photos, it will be done on several of our websites (blogspot and our A.A. website).

Well Now ! A Promise Made IS A Debt Unpaid.

I have written and posted the two Posts (on blogspot and our A.A. website) so you can click onto the below links and read them (IF you are interested of course).

The Post, showing one of our friends home here in Phoenix, will be seen if you click onto the below link :

Friends of Bill ..

The Post discussing the A.A. meeting I attended (LIVE MEETING vs ZOOM MEETING) will be found by clicking onto the next link below :

So there you have it. Two Posts for the price of one here on

Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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