For What It’s Worth .. Today Patti visited the Mayo Clinic and participated in a battery of allergy tests. On March 30th she will meet with an allergy doctor to find out what (if any) allergy issues she may have.

After Patti’s appointment, we took a very pleasant (60 miles total) drive, beginning at Fountain Hills, Arizona, up Arizona Highway 87 heading North towards Payson, Arizona. What a day. The temperature reached 59°F as we reached the summit of a small mountain. On the desert flatlands the temperature was a very pleasant 70°F. Wow. Phenomenal weather huh?


We two attended a live, in-person, meeting. This was Patti’s first live, in-person, meeting in a year. Each and every member (there were 22 present) wore a mask and distancing was in place. Patti enjoyed the meeting.

Smiles and Hugs from Cap and Patti

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