Before I go one step further, last Saturday night, go figure, sitting  at the end of my bed, I began to upload some photographs. One does not need to be online to upload and review photographs. Then an odd thing happened, I suddenly noticed that (sitting at the end of my bed a first time event to be on the laptop in our room where we have NEVER gotten internet before) I was online with a strong signal.

Below is a photo of Patti online at the foot of my bed.

And our good luck has continued. I am writing this post from our room sitting at the foot of my bed (when you find the magic spot you stay there).

Before we get into today’s plans, today being Monday the 5th of April, let me go back to last Friday (Good Friday as it were).

I took the GMC Suburban into a local AAMCO Transmission service center (I think that there are 18 of them here in the greater Phoenix Metro area) and asked for their opinion regarding some of my concerns. Long (two some hours for the plan to unfold) story short, after quite an evaluation of the transmission they agreed with me that it needs to be overhauled. The process will take from 3 to 5 days commencing this morning. So I had to (with their assistance) arrange for a rental car.

Saturday we picked up the rental car (Patti drove down with me and then I drove the rental car back with Patti following in the GMC). I began to get our things together Saturday afternoon as we want to get an early start this morning.

At 5:15pm, in support of our very close friend Michael in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, a UCLA alum, we (Patti and I along with Michael via many texts and short phone calls) watched (March Madness Final Four) Michael’s UCLA Bruins play Gonzaga in what turned out to be a game for the ages.

With three seconds remaining at the end of the first overtime period, UCLA tied Gonzaga at 90 – 90. Gonzaga inbounded the ball, passed it up court, and with 0.3 seconds on the clock, from well beyond the 3-point line, Jalen Suggs hit a game winning 3 pointer. The period ending buzzer sounded with the ball in mid-air enroute to the basket.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I was up early to beat the heat of the day, and began the process of getting out of the motel this morning. I totally unloaded or GMC Suburban, inventoried our storage boxes, and put things back together again. A full three hour marathon to beat the upcoming mid 90°F heat.

A shot taken from our room doorway.

Unless you yourself have undertaken a similar undertaking, you’ve no idea of the work involved. You can see our mattress that we sleep on when we tag-team drive long distances.

In the next two photos below, you can see the rear seats in their proper, upright position. The first time in some years they’ve been upright. Usually they are down flat under the mattress.

Now begins the process of putting the mattress back into the GMC and loading in the boxes.

I almost hated to clutter up the above beautiful scene with all of the boxes that live in the GMC.

Mission accomplished.

Now after breakfast and the final loading of the GMC, we will head down to AAMCO to turn him in for his transmission rebuild and Patti and I will head for Tucson and on to Green Valley, Arizona, to see some friends and family members down in that neck of the woods. Click onto the below link to see where Green Valley is relative to Phoenix and Tucson.


On the road in a beautiful, air conditioned, full sized Nissan. Our GMC does NOT have air conditioning. What a joy this will be.

On The Road Again.

Cap and Patti.

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