Last Tuesday the 20th we turned our truck into the local Chevrolet Dealer for water system service. Today the 22nd we hope to have him back. So it has been a calm and quiet few days without-our-wheels.

Tomorrow, Friday the 23rd, God willing and we have our truck back, we head back South to Phoenix for Patti’s final (on this trip) Mayo Clinic medical procedure (a CT Scan of her head). Saturday we plan to head for Needles, California, where we will be staying for three nights. Then on next Tuesday, the 27th, we will head up to Laughlin, Nevada, for six nights.

We have been writing and mailing post cards and we hope all of you who (we think) are following along with us get one. 

Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

Whew ! I just went-back-in-our-history !


We were here in Flagstaff four years ago in March of 2017 ! All this trip I have been thinking we were here in March of 2018. 


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