The Summer Solstice is upon us. Up here in Alaska, it arrives at 7:32pm, today, Sunday, the 20th of June 2021.


This is a poignant day for us and those in other Northern climes and locations around the world.

Elsewhere this day does not have the meaning it has here in the far North. To us it means the beginning of the long downward slide into the short days (The Winter Solstice) of winter. Yes it takes time. Yes it takes a month or more before we really begin to feel the days getting noticeably shorter, but that doesn’t matter, in our hearts we know the sun is beginning to turn Southward as of today.

And life continues for us.

We are still closely following the NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs as the Conference Finals begin. Today the Los Angeles Clippers will play (‘our’) Phoenix (Arizona) Suns. Because of the time (dating back to November of 2016) we have been spending in Arizona at the Mayo Clinic and elsewhere in the Greater Southwest, we feel a close association with the Suns. 

And we continue to take very pleasant evening walks to The Sitka Street Park here in our local neighborhood. Our visits to the park are happy and joyous and wonderful. We have a favorite bench with a comfortable back we sit upon (when it is vacant that is) and just watch the happy doings all around us.

The Picnic Pavilion rocks.

The children enjoy their various favorite playground activities.

Ah yes. Then the reality of our ages and life come into play.

Last Friday the 18th, Patti and I were up early for her appointment at our local Hospital for a throat endoscopy to check the status of her Barrett’s Esophagus. For all, and perhaps more than you want to know about these medical issues, the two Mayo Clinic links below will bring you up to date.



And we continue to enjoy several live, in-person, meetings a week.

Happy Summer Solstice to you wherever you are.

Patti and Cap

4 thoughts on “JUN 20, 21 .. THE SUMMER SOLSTICE

  1. Linda "eArThworm" Patton

    How one’s viewpoint depends on geography. Here in Florida the winter solstice can’t come fast enough for me. This summer sauna is miserable.
    The electricity was off for a couple of hours (late last night/early morning) as the tropical storm went through, and the lack of air conditioning made it hard to sleep.

  2. Cap Chastain

    You are oh so correct Linda about one’s geographical location being important as to one’s outlook. Ask Patti about the alligator in the rest room at a rest stop off the highway in far Southern Florida as we headed for Key West some years ago. Thanks so VERY much Linda for following us for so many years! Smiles Cap and Patti

    1. Linda "eArThworm" Patton

      How the h___ does an alligator get INTO a rest room?!?! And how high did Patti jump? :-)

      And what’s the background of that postcard photo…is it a sinkhole? If so, I was unaware they happened in Alaska. They’re frequent in my state.

      1. Cap Chastain Post author

        YOU live down there Linda. The alligators just go where they please. It was already IN the restroom as Patti approached it and the custodians simply told Patti she’d have to wait until they gently coaxed it out with very long poles. It was a rest stop, off the highway, surrounded by the Everglades! Oh yes we have sinkholes up here as well. However, IF IF IF I remember correctly, that was a post card of the damage after the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake up here that Patti lived through. Smiling .. Cap

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