Back in 1952, when I was a sophomore in high school, my English teacher (Joyce Cowan) assigned my class the task of reading some Robert Service poetry. On-the-spot ! It changed my life. I was intrigued and transfixed with The Spell Of The Yukon (The Shooting of Dan McGrew, The Cremation of Sam McGee, etc) and life in the far reaches of the Far North, Alaska and The Yukon Territory of Canada.

Who amongst us wouldn’t love to be able to go back to our early teachers and share with them how very much they influenced our lives!

Today, this very day, one of my all time favorite Robert Service writings was in the Cremation of Sam McGee : Now a promise made is a debt unpaid.

One of our best and closest inner-circle friends is Danny 48073. Yesterday afternoon (Saturday the 10th) Danny left us a (rather) concerned (and almost sad and forlorn) message to the words of : How are you two doing. You haven’t put much up on your website. Are you OK?

So we called Danny and visited for 58 minutes and 11 seconds and?

As we ended our visit I said to Danny : I promise that there will be a post for you online tomorrow morning.

Now a promise made is a debt unpaid and the trail has its own stern code..

So Danny 48073, this one’s for you ! Thanks for your caring, concern and our long telephone visit.

Basically we told Danny that we are following the NBA Basketball Playoffs (now in the finals with the Phoenix Suns leading the Milwaukee Bucks two games to zero). We are watching Jeopardy five days a week (and often a re-run on Saturday). We are active on zoom meetings and also attending some live and in-person meetings. I remain challenged with fatigue and some dark mood issues that I believe stem from my contacting Covid-19 while coming from Mongolia to South Korea to Seattle and up to Anchorage in mid-December of 2019. 

So Danny : What’s to say here on the website? Everyone who reads it has read all about the above. Boring! What is there in the above daily activities that is of any interest to anyone now that it has been written many (far too many in my opinion) times.

“I am interested!” Danny replied.

Last week Andrej said to us “I am interested!”

Then Danny sent us the below wonderful photo of Bambi out in his back yard in suburban Detroit, Michigan!

In the event you do not know who Bambi is/was, Bambi was the star of a Walt Disney movie . . click on the below link.


Bambi stayed the night in Danny’s back yard and in the morning Bambi’s mother came for him. While in Danny’s back yard, Bambi appeared to be very happy with Danny’s pool full of rain water and some nice grass munchies as well. I mean isn’t this priceless !

Danny 48073 has been with us here on dot.net since the beginning.

Danny, below are two links (August 19th and August 27th, 2011) to my 3rd and 5th Posts. If you look at them you will remember them.



So Danny !!

A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid and here is the Post I promised you.

Smiling, Cap

Danny, I really hope you will go back in time to August 2011 and look over the above two links.

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