Whew. Wow. 

Hump Birthday. I am now age 85 years. I have crossed the hump that lies between ages 80 and 90. I am now closer to age 90 than I am looking backward at age 80.

Where on this good earth have 85 years gone (I am now entering my 86th year).

We enjoyed a low key, relaxed, day. We went to a morning meeting at 11AM. About 35 in attendance. The meeting chairperson read from Daily Reflections announcing it was August 5th and read the August 5th reading that was about Listening Deeply in meetings. I turned to Patti and whispered .. “Did you hear that? It IS September 5th!” At the 11:30AM mid meeting break for the 7th tradition, I went up the the front table and (he is a long time friend of ours) pointed out he’d read August 5th. A bonding moment as he howled with me. When we resumed the meeting, the entire room expressed their delight over my little interaction (I said to the meeting that today is my birthday and, at age 85, I am still listening but I constantly need reality checks. So I went to the front table to confirm it really is September the 5th.)

A fun meeting.

Home we came. Patti and I went through my birthday cards and text messages and we called many friends (some of whom do not text, do not email) to let them know we got their birthday cards. 

Then fatigue reared its head and I lay down (with Patti beside me reading her Sunday newspaper) and slept for over an hour and a half. Awoke feeling somewhat refreshed.

Out and off for dinner. 


We have eaten here at Kenny’s previously and enjoy it. Basic, bare bones, store front venue and we loved our (what else but) Singapore Rice Noodles.

There you have it Sports Fans. 

Age Eighty Five and looking forward.

Smiles and Hugs ..  Cap and Patti 

2 thoughts on “SEP 5 / 6, 21 .. MY 85th BIRTHDAY ON SEPTEMBER 5th WAS A HAPPY DAY

  1. Michael d.

    OMG!! The birthday twinsee’s (almost!) And my two dear, best of friends who will be forever young!

    Cap, dear friend, sending you a belated but heartfelt Happy….happy…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I always wish people endless laughter, joy and love on these special days and it appears that you and Patti sampled both…in great abundance as it should be! You know I’m always with you in spirit and our walks on this fragile planet. I’ve great memories of our adventures together. And praying for many more.

    As far as not wanting to eat, not to worry. I suspect that it was our adventure upon return from Toronto and meeting with Danny again for lunch at the restaurant when you kept iterating ‘Michael….YOU WILL eat All of that hamburger!’ Obviously I was tickled pink to see the biggest, most ginormous hamburger ever assembled (what kind of crane was required in that process? lol ) and put in front of me. Well, as history shows I could not even begin to eat the WHOLE delicious gourmet burger and to my delight, You, Cap, came to the rescue! After you consumed your lunch you still had the bottomless appetite to help me finish that burger! Needless to say I was completely impressed! So, just perhaps, to this very day, your waning appetite may somehow, somewhere, be linked to your helping me consume that gargantuan hamburger! Ya think? lol

    I love you very much and pray for your continued health, longevity and fun and exciting adventures in the near future.

    Note: How come I always salivate when I look at your pictures of you and Patti eating Singapore Rice Noodles? If dining there, with you, I’d volunteer to help you eat these delicious plates! lol
    Happy Birthday amigo! See you on down the road!

    Always, Michael D.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow. THANKS Michael for the most incredible comment in the ten year history of! What a fun comment. I may make it a Post in and of itself because few (if any) read the comments left at the bottom of a Post here on It deserves its own place I think. Let me think on it. Bubi’s Awesome Eats, Windsor, Ontario, across the river from Detroit. They are still in business. Much Joy from us .. Cap and Patti who was there with us, way back in the summer of year 2005 after the International in Toronto. So many memories we share the three of us.

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